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Love is a Vibration, Not an Emotion…

The vibrational frequency of love is a steady interior frequency that allows you to fully embrace all the emotions and flavors and experiences that life has to offer without getting caught up in them, being unmoored by them, or identifying with them as you.
Reality is what it is, regardless of what you (or I) believe it to be…
Of course, personal and collective beliefs shape our experience of reality, but it doesn’t change reality itself. Yet we are socialized to think that our opinions and beliefs reflect reality as if our beliefs determine reality. So then, when you change a belief or opinion, does reality itself change?
Authentic Genius is the expression of life force…
It arises first as intrigue, then insight, then creative intuition. Everyone has natural genius, regardless of their intellectual prowess. It is what you are naturally curious about, what you study about life and about yourself, and what you experiment with using your own life, circumstances, and body as your laboratory.

Knowing you are right is a brain technology and survival strategy…
But have you noticed that when you change your mind, you feel right about that, too? The brain as an organ is full of nifty functions that help keep us alive, and “knowing” we are right is one of them. That feeling you get when you are right is deceiving because you can have the same exact feeling when you change your mind 180 degrees.
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Why You Should Trust Feelings over Emotions…
Emotions come from the physical body & nervous system to warn from past experience. Feelings come from the subtle body and inform about the Now. The words feelings and emotions are often used interchangeably, but they have key differences. They are both communication systems in the body and give you information about what is happening within.
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Anger is an opportunity to see what you desire to change…
Anger as an emotion can be catalyzing or toxic, depending on what you do with it. In some Eastern traditions, anger is considered the most important emotion because it catalyzes action that shifts stuck, toxic energy and engrained patterns into a higher level of function and flow.
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Is What You Believe Really True?
In this information age, you can find Evidence to support any belief or idea AND Evidence to support opposing beliefs & ideas. The truth? Choose your beliefs wisely. Listen to the deep dive video for insight into how to do this.
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Self-Reflection references your conditioned self…
Self-reflection references your conditioned, learned habits or identity and sense of self. It doesn’t look to the innate, infinite self, or your true self. Self-reflection, thus, makes conclusions based on who and how you have learned to be, not who you truly are.
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The Gift of the Unknown…
The Gift of the Unknown is the opportunity to play in reality as it is rather than how you have decided reality is or should be. We humans internalize layer upon layer of collective illusion, label it “reality”, and create rules, laws, and regulations that reinforce the illusion of certainty.

Which You Do You Listen To?

Your brain “selves” have distinct—and competing—opinions, agendas and motivations. Which do you give the final say?

How to Optimize Cooperation and Competition…

Cooperation is the organizing principle of life and well-being. Competition is the 10% juice that optimizes cooperation. When you   overfocus on cooperation, you divide yourself against yourself.

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