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Meet Kristine

Meet Kristine

Kristine Madera Coach

The most confusing question ever asked, in my opinion, is “Who are you?” There are just far too many ways to answer and none seem accurate or complete. But I digress. To keep from going down that rabbit hole, we’ll go with this…

When I was seven years old I had a crisis of faith—not my first or my last. But tis time I got cheeky with God and said that this earth place was nuts and if I needed to stick around I needed to know why. Or I wanted out.

I had an immediate experience of unity consciousness, where I felt at one with all that is and simultaneously felt that there was no “me” there, and yet felt more me in that moment than I had ever felt before. 

That experience became the organizing energy of my life. I tested everything by the criteria if if it brought me closer to that experience or took me further from it. 

I know I am not alone in this kind of experience. The more people hear about mine, the more stories I hear from people who had early encounters with unity consciousness—or whatever they call it, I have lots of names too. Each encounter is unique but what most of us have in common is 1) that it is life changing, and 2) we don’t tell anyone, often because it is so far outside what we’ve been led to believe is “reality.”  

So then what is reality? For me, it was the inner journey with this consciousness. For years, the external world was an annoyingly urgent vehicle for juicing this inner experience.  

What is “reality” to you?

The Journey of You

Do you remember being asked as a little kid, “What do you want to be when you grow up”? The focus on the external is foisted on us from day one. But the true journey of life is the one of becoming—not becoming something that you are not, but stretching the beingness you are into all that is possible for you to experience, and through that seeding your magic into the world.

When I was 13, my mother reminded me recently, I declared that I would never work a 9-5 job. I’ve been extraordinarily successful at that, which means that I have worked longer hours for less pay as a writer, speaker and entrepreneur than I would have in the corporate world. But I’ve had great freedom in doing that, which to me is a more than fair payoff. In Brené Brown’s book Dare to Lead, she talks about the importance of understanding your two primary driving values. Mine are faith and freedom. 

What are yours?

Own Your Journey

In the non-traditional roller coaster ride of my life, I’ve taught English in Japan, been a clinical hypnotherapist, soul-centered business coach, wellness coach, yoga and meditation instructor, personal trainer and fitness instructor, Peace Corps Volunteer (look for a novel from that in 2020 or so), speaker, author and essential oil practitioner. Those are the biggest highlights. I also worked for a circus briefly and, like many of entrepreneurs of my generation, hustled for Cutco knives—which are still the best knives in my kitchen, by the way. ‘’

Along the way, I got a BA in International Business and Japanese Language/Culture and a Masters in International Management, both with the aim of living overseas.

I unpack my life experience most often through writing—most private, some public. I am a bestselling author of How to Meditate with Your Dog: An Introduction to Meditation for Dog Lovers, and turned my escapist fantasies while volunteering at Mother Teresa’s Home for the Dying in Calcutta into the novel God in Drag. You can also find a smattering of the articles, essays and Medium blog posts I’ve written over the years here

Travel has also been a critical part of exploring consciousness because it forces you to face your own blind spots and assumptions. In addition to teaching English in Japan and my Peace Corps stint in Papua New Guinea, I was an exchange student in Australia, did a semester abroad in London during college, and traveled backpack style with my husband for eight months in India, Sri Lanka and Nepal. 

Own Your Journey Kristine Madera

It was after my teaching time in Japan was done that I set out on what I call my Faithcation. I was 24, and I needed to be sure my experience of unity consciousness was real enough to stake the rest of my life on. I set out alone to travel through China, Russia and the Baltics during the collapse of the Soviet Union, putting myself into situation after situation where all I had to rely on was consciousness and myself. This journey as well as the insights and realizations I had and have deepened since, I share in my upcoming book Faithcation: An Adventure in Trust. You can help me out by pre-ordering your copy through July 13, 2019 HERE. Thanks in advance!

Each part of my journey is a puzzle piece the brings to awareness and form the unfolding mystery of my life. Each part snakes its way through my writing and speaking and this website, because each has a rich gem to offer you. I have a very spiritually-attuned friend who says, “My life is none of my business.” I have found this an effective way to live the adventure of it. When you let go of control—yet hang on to the handlebars—your journey can wind you along pathways you would never have imagined (or chosen!)

What has your journey unfolded for you?

Be Here. Live Now

When you let go of control and let consciousness live you, life becomes a delicious, if a tad nail-biting, venture. The key to this adventure is to be fully present in the moment you are in without attachment to the previous moment, or the next. Being here and living now is how Life lives you. 

For me, here and now has circled back to writing books, speaking on podcasts and on stage, with book groups and seekers, as the opportunities arise.

It also includes day trading the stock market, which, when I tell people who know me well, has them dropping their jaw and anything in their hands. It’s not something that I would have ever thought I would or could do. 

As an entrepreneur, there is always an exchange for money—of time, skill, products, etc. When you find your groove the exchange is fun and easy—but it always takes time. In order to relaunch writing as my main gig, I needed that time back. 

As life works, the “how” and opportunity to jump into this both appeared, and I jumped. In addition to supporting my writing in just a few hours a day, it it an amazing spiritual practice. Look for a book on that upcoming as well as more on how you might dip your toe in and see if this adventure is for you.

And of course here and now is the adventure of writing and publishing Faithcation. You can join the adventure and get sneak peeks and bonuses HERE

How are you allowing (or disallowing) Life to live you here & now?

Know That You Know 

The crux of the journey with consciousness is to discover that you already know. You have access to all the wisdom and knowing you need to have an amazing adventure in this life—if you choose to. 

I know I am not alone in having encounters with unity consciousness (or whatever you choose to call it.) However you may have experienced it (and it is more common than you think) all that you “know” about who you are and what life is fizzles out and you just know. 

You don’t know how you know or why you know—or even the scope of what you know, because the experience is simply what you need to know in that moment. Analyzing it saps the power of the knowing.

Living from knowing you know is an adventure in itself. It involves recognizing that when you operate from what you believe, think, have learned, etc., you are caught in the past and projecting that past into the future. This sounds like “normal” life because it is how we’ve been taught to live.  

When you snuggle beneath that, consciousness, wisdom, knowing awaits outside the realm of linear thought and all the noise on life’s surface. 

When you go there. You meet you. As Rumi said, “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” 

This field is the field of consciousness. This is the field that I am walking toward. If you choose to walk there, too. Let’s plan to meet there. 

Follow your heart...It knows the way