Meet Kristine

An interesting view on the quantum mechanics of space-time is that, in the ever-present now, as you shift perspective and consciousness in the present, you not only change your future trajectory, but you also change your past.

Kristine Madera That said, I’ve always been interested in the mystery of life and the edges of possibility and consciousness.

When I was about seven years old, I was frustrated with life, went into the backyard and demanded that God tell me why I was on this insane planet because it seemed a waste of my time.

That moment expanded into a full-on merging with what I call Unity or Divine Consciousness, where all sense of my body and identity dissolved and I was one with all that is. The knowing that came with the experience was that I was here to BE that—to BE Infinite Consciousness in a physical body, and to adventure in this life from that state. That experience set me on the adventure of being a modern mystic.

I wouldn’t have called it that back then, but there is no better term for the amazing adventure of living from the expansion of consciousness in our very linear modern age.

It would be an understatement to say that my entire life has been a pursuit of expanded consciousness. As part of the exploration, I’ve played in the professional world as a clinical hypnotherapist, author, yoga & meditation instructor, speaker & coach, among many other things, all with the intention of diving deeper into the mystery of existence and expansion of consciousness.

I’ve also traveled and lived around the world to experience reality from different angles.

 The modern mystic pursuit of expanded consciousness has taken me to some edgy places and infused in me energies, experiences and ideas that might have me committed if I talked to the wrong person about them. Over the years, I’ve worked directly with consciousness for practical tools and strategies to meld the mystical with modern life, and I keep tapping consciousness for simple, straightforward ways to understand and expand consciousness in everyday life. 

I’ve also been lucky enough to cultivate friendships with people who love to adventure on the edge as much as I do. In our work, and in paying attention to the world, we’ve realized that spontaneous expansion is happening all around, and most people who this is happening to are burgeoning modern mystics who have no one to talk to about it—they think they are having a breakdown as they get pushed to their own edge.

I started CONVERSATIONS from the EDGE to share my fun, expansive conversations with people and consciousness to show that expansion is not just okay, but that it is the shared experience of a growing number of people. 

Eventually, the expansion experience may go mainstream (gasp!) but until then, we modern mystics all play at the edge of our own consciousnesses, and synergistically expand the edge for everyone and re-create the world from the magic of possibility.

If you’re really game for adventure, take my free EXPAND Your EDGE course HERE