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Dogs are natural meditators. So it makes sense that they make the best meditation gurus. “Dogs embody non-judgment and unconditional love—traits many people think of when they envision a spiritually attuned being (page 33).”

In How to Meditate with Your Dog: An Introduction to Meditation for Dog Lovers, James Jacobson and his dog, Maui, unleash this meditation magic. Pack leader and dog, sitting together, is the basis for Jacobson’s non-dogmatic approach to meditation. “Without conscious effort, my breath and Maui’s synchronize. I focus on the synch of our breathing, and it helps take me deeper into the meditation (page 19).”

Jacobson’s simple method is based on sound meditation principles. “A meditation master once said that if all we do during meditation is to repeat this cycle: observe thoughts, release them, and re-focus—then we are meditating (pages 20-21).” Jacobson’s twist is showing people how to use their love for their dogs as the foundation for a regular meditation practice.

Meditating with a dog is the ultimate in body/mind/spirit multitasking. “There is no downside to meditation. The time we devote to it we make up for exponentially in the clarity and peace that it brings to the rest of our day (page XVII).” We all make time for our dogs. When we set aside part of that time to meditate with them, we bond in a way that we just can’t do with another game of fetch.

Mediation transforms lives, both human and canine. Dogs that were hyper become calmer, and dogs that were already laid back become even more peaceful. Meditation is good for pack leaders, too. Stress relief, better focus, improved intuition, and more, come naturally with a regular meditation practice. This is key to a smoother dog/human relationship, because “A peaceful pack leader tends to have a calmer, more amiable dog (page 5).”

The book comes with a free CD offer to help people get started.

Any dog can meditate, as can any human. “If we watch our dogs and absorb some of their innate doggy nature, we can become meditators, too (page 14).”

Since writing How to Meditate with Your Dog, James has gone on to do great things for dogs, from dog-oriented podcasts to dog cancer research. See more below!

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