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“May you live in interesting times” is purported to be a curse. But in all challenges, there are great opportunities.

Our current age of acceleration is one of these times. An acceleration is when the speed of change—both intended like technology and economies, and unintended like climate change and pandemics—outpace the ability of current economic, governmental, and social systems and structures to adapt.

Accelerations and evolutionary stresses are nothing new for humanity. Plagues, wars, climate changes, and technology have always pushed humanity to re-imagine and reorganize self and society. Our current time is unique in that multiple accelerations are converging on the entire world at the same time.    

Accelerations give us a choice.

We can react and try to cling to the familiar—which doesn’t work for long. Or we can re-imagine ourselves and our world and use the creative instability of acceleration to help bring it about.

In other words, we can choose to evolve—and we can choose how to evolve, both as individuals and as a global community.

Our current era of global, mega-acceleration gives us the opportunity to reimagine the foundational values that organize structures, systems, and society.

I imagine evolving into a world where the primary value has shifted from the nexus of wealth, power, and control to the primary value ss the nexus of personal and collective well-being, and individual sovereignty.

What would you choose?

My hope with this website is to provide tools to help us evolve, individually and collectively. To help you let go of outdated concepts, systems, and structures that are crumbling in our current acceleration, and the conceptualizations that hold those concepts in place. And to re-imagine yourself and the world through a lens of what is possible, if only we are willing to imagine it into being and step into that new reality.

Pathways to Self-Evolution

Evolutionary Hypnotherapy helps you use life’s challenges to learn to think, feel and act in a way that evolves you into a better life, and a better version of yourself, 

For example, instead of just wanting to be free of pain after a divorce, an Evolutionary Hypnotherapy client uses the process to become the kind of person who has loving, supportive, mutually empowering relationships, who shifts out of old relationship patterns with potential partners, as well as unhelpful family, friendship, work or other relationship patterns. Evolutionary Hypnotherapy helps you become the version of yourself that can thrive in the emerging world. Discover more here

Ultimate Self Hypnosis SystemLearn how to change any idea, belief, or mindset with the Ultimate Self-Hypnosis System! You can’t change your reality without also changing your model of reality. The Ultimate Self-Hypnosis System uses three simple steps to hack your brain’s built-in truth validation system to change your mindset, beliefs, and life in a way that also changes your model of reality so that your desired changes become a permanent and natural expression of you in a reality that validates this new you.  Discover how it works here

God in Drag Five Star
God in Drag is a gritty spiritual coming-of-age novel–which is the kind most of us are on.

In God in Drag, thirty-one-year-old Micah Connerly abandons his crumbling life and heads to India to find Raj, the guru/stepfather who abandoned Micah when he was ten years old. An impulsive, but selfless, act emperils Micah’s life, but it may also ultimately lead him to find what he had been looking for all along.   Read the first chapter here

CONVERSATIONS from the EDGE (of Consciousness) Podcast, where I talk in-depth with a small group of people who are personally and professionally pushing perception from the world as we know it to the open possibility of the world that is emerging. We play at the edge with seemingly small shifts in consciousness that like a pebble dropped in a pond, can ripple through a life and the world, transforming from the inside out. Catch the podcast on this site your favorite podcast venue like Apple or Spotify, Youtube & more! See the podcast page here

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Meet Kristine Madera

Consciousness has been a captivating playground that I have explored since a flash of Unity Consciousness at the age of seven awoke the awareness that I was here to BE Infinite Consciousness in a physical body, and to adventure in this life from that unified state as best I can.

In the self-evolutionary adventure that is life, this adventure currently includes being a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, the Podcast Host of the CONVERSATIONS from the EDGE (of Consciousness) Podcast, and writing.

Kristine has a deep intuitive and intellectual grasp on complex information and is able to deliver soul level consciousness with her unique brand of valuable insight and grace.

If you’re drawn to a new perspective on your life’s purpose, please gift yourself with Kristine’s beautiful support and wise, joy filled guidance!

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God in Drag Five Star