Simple Self-Evolution for the Modern Mystic

Mystics have been part of spiritual and cultural traditions since the dawn of humanity. In the past, mystics often secluded themselves from society because the realty of the subtle/energy realms was so different from the reality of everyday life.

Kristine MaderaMysticism is no longer the calling of the few. In our current era, ordinary people—mothers, doctors, store clerks, Lyft drivers, accountants, and more—feel called to attune to the subtle energy that informs material reality to discover their true nature, to navigate the everyday challenges of life from their true nature, and to shift focus from consensus surface reality to a more expansive awareness and possibility, for themselves, their communities and our global community.

Being a Modern Mystic has moved into the center of our individual and global experience. years ago, I never would have called myself a mystic, because I imagined mystics to dwell at mountaintops, shut themselves off from life, or be too solomn to have a fun life. That changed when I realized that bein a mystic was really about being tuned in to the magic of the unseen world and living that magic as much as possible. If this is you, you may be a modern mystic, too!  

What is a Modern Mystic?

Modern mystics have busy lives with little time for esoteric philosophies or complex rituals. Each mystic is unique, and experiences their vibrational truth in their own way. There’s no one right way to be a modern mystic, just like there is no one right way to be yourself. However, some core commonalities modern mystics share are:

Mystics take themselves and life lightly:  Mystics know that the subtle energy that gives form to the material world is the true nature of reality and that the material world is the playground of experience. What do you do on a playgound? You play! Taking life and its conventions and rules too seriously is the slow path to spiritual evolution.

Mystics Operate as a Whole Being:  Mystics know their embodied experience is part of a larger Self (Higher Self, Soul, Inner Truth, Infinite Self, etc.) In the ongoing journey of awareness, integration and Self-realization, mystics seek to unify the various aspects of self into a harmonious expression of wholeness aligned with the higher aspects of Self. There are many paths to integration, from following a particular spiritual discipline to expanding into the nature of fun (a personal favorite!) 

Mystics Know that All is One, and One is All:  Mystics know that beneath the surface level of everyday reality, everything is connected. Whether called the Source Field, Unifying Web, Quantum Entanglement or Consciousness, anything that happens in any part of the One affects everything else. Modern mystics operate in a way that support their own well-being in harmony with collective well-being.

Mystics Operate From Inner Authority:  Ordinary reality teaches us to look outside ourselves for what is real, and to subjectively respond to that reality. Mystics look to the reality within and operate from that inner authority in the external world. They know that the focus and clarity they bring to each moment shapes the reality of that moment. When they desire to change their external experience, they look first to make those changes within.

Mystics Self-Evolve Toward Greater Awareness & Possibility:  Mystics know that our shared surface reality of lack, competition, separation, discontent and fear is an illusion created by the collective focus on these experiences, and the ideas that perpetuate them. Mystics choose to focus on vibrations like love, unity and harmony that transform their personal and our collective experience from fear-driven to awareness-driven.

These simple ideas have infinite variations that support infinite growth and personal evolution when you use them consistently—as modern mystics seek to do.

This website, and all I do, focuses on giving modern mystics simple, helpful tools and insights to expand love, light, integrity, awareness, harmony, joy, fun and the well-being of the individual in harmony with the well-being of all. If that sounds like you, Welcome! No matter where you are in your journey, you will find things here to support you.

Keep checking back for new resources, to support you on your journey. 

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