Ready for the ADVENTURE of your life?

"Don't die without embracing the daring adventure that your life was meant to be." ~ Steve Pavlina

Welcome! Are you hungry for the kind of inner freedom that shakes you awake to the truth of you? Do you suspect that all you’ve been taught to think, believe and do is for someone else’s benefit and convenience?

If so, then ask yourself this: Am I willing to discover who I am beneath the stories I believe about me?

Take some time to ponder this. Saying “Yes” is not for the faint of heart!

Why do I ask?

When I was seven years old, I was done with life. There was nothing wrong I could point to, but I thought it was pointless and boring and a huge waste of my time.

I tromped into the backyard and had it out with God, saying that I needed to know why I was here, or I needed to be done. Immediately I had an experience of unity consciousness, where all sense of self disappeared and I was one with the divine. My seven-year-old self thought, “I can do that,” and decided to stay.

That experience left me with three questions that have set the adventure of my life:

Who am I without my story? Who is God/Divine without a story? How do I have faith without a story to believe in?

These questions set me on the adventure of living from the wisdom and truth within rather than looking to the external world and all the pledges, dogmas and allegiances it demands.

All I do, from writing to speaking to the details of life are all about exploring the truth beneath our stories, beliefs and expectations. Why? Because when you shed those, you open to the freedom to be truly yourself and live the fresh adventure of life you truly long for.

Dive into your deeper truth by joining me on my latest adventure!

When I was 24, I traveled solo through China, Russia and the Baltics during the collapse of the Soviet Union to put my experience of Unity Consciousness to the test—to learn how to trust it and myself to follow it, under extreme conditions.

I’m documenting this in my upcoming book Faithcation: An Adventure in Trust.  Join the Adventure even before the book is out!  As part of my pre-order community, you get sneak peeks, as well as courses and meditations to help you:

  • Shed your BS (beliefs & stories)
  • Awaken to your inner truth
  • Embrace the unique adventure of your own life

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