Conversations from the Edge

…of Consciousness

One measure of sanity is to know what NOT to tell your therapist—or your boss, or even your friends and family. 

So, when you stretch your personal consciousness beyond mass consciousness, who do you talk to that doesn’t think you’re crazy?

I’ve pushed the edges of my own consciousness my entire life. Early on, it was often in secret because I had no one to talk with who would not try to invalidate my experience, think I was nuts, or try to lure me back to a more accepted world view.

Over the years, I’ve been very lucky to have developed friendships with others who are weird like me, each in their unique way.

We have amazing, expansive conversations that play with the energies at the edge of the limitations we are pushing beyond as we each expand consciousness in our own way.

Because so many people have no one to talk with about their own expanding consciousness, in Conversations from the Edge, we share our conversations with you. They are informal, unscripted and we do our best to stay on a topic and add context so they make sense to others (with varying success–LOL!)

If there is an edge of your own consciousness issue or topic you are grappling with or wondering about, let me know and I’ll find someone to have a conversation with about it.

If you’re ready for adventure, explore the  boxes below!

Conversations from the edge

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