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When Kristine Madera was seven years old she had a crisis of faith that led to a profound experience of unity consciousness. That experience became the organizing principle of her life, and all she she has done and explored has been to understand and connect more deeply with this this consciousness. 

She has explored via work as a clinical hypnotherapist, soul-centered business coach, wellness coach, yoga and meditation instructor, speaker and author. She is a bestselling author of How to Meditate with Your Dog: An Introduction to Meditation for Dog Lovers. She also turned an extended trip to India that included volunteering at Mother Teresa’s Home for the Dying in Calcutta into the novel God in Drag.

She is currently writing Faithcation: An Adventure in Trust. Faithcation documents a solo trip through China, Russia and the Baltics during the collapse of the Soviet Union that Kristine took to more deeply trust unity consciousness as an operating principle, and herself to follow it.

Faithcation is available via pre-order through 6/13 through Publishizer. 

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