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Kristine Madera

Author ~ Pro-topian ~ Hypnotherapist

Kristine MaderaBeing a writer, a novelist, and a hypnotherapist might seem too divergent to be housed on the same website. It certainly drives my branding-obsessed friends nuts. But to me, they encompass the frontiers of my work in the world.

As a novelist and writer of essays, blog posts, books, and other non-fiction, I write to illuminate the fictitious, self-perpetuating stories that limit us, individually and collectively, and to imagine what’s possible. 

As a pro-topian, I envision, work toward, and write to create a world that is better tomorrow than it was yesterday. My personal vision is a world in which the balance of personal and collective well-being and freedom is our core organizing value.  

As a hypnotherapist and hypno-coach, I help clients see the fiction in the stories they tell themselves about themselves, others, and the world, and then shift the seeds of those stories from limiting to empowering. My style of hypnotherapy works best with people who are aware of, or at least open to, the idea that our inner wisdom and highest transformational lie beyond the thought process and conscious mind. From this perspective, I help clients free themselves from perceived limitations, step into their best selves, and cultivate the life experiences that bring them joy and fulfillment.  

Though I’m not a fan of labels, it might be useful to know that I’m a highly sensitive person (HSP) with a few other neurodivergent quirks. This makes me a more effective and insightful hypnotherapist, and, I like to think, a more interesting writer. This also makes me a little weird, but weird in a good way, or so I’m told.  

In any case, welcome to my world. Thanks for visiting.

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