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Authentic Genius is an Expression of Life Force, not IQ

Authentic genius has nothing to do with IQ. At its core, it’s the flow of your infinite nature into the world, bringing with it insight, awareness and new understanding from your infinite into the limited human world.

It starts with your interests and how you naturally understand the world—not how you have been taught to conceive it. It can take a while to discover this, because your understanding it so innate to you.

Genius in modern society is recognized mostly in the realm of intellect and intellectual achievemtn. But intellect itself is only useful and fulfilling when it is part of the expression of a person’s natural or authentic genius.

Everyone has natural genius, regardless of their intellectual prowess. Authentic genius flows from your life force, not your brain. It is what you are naturally curious about, what you study about life and about yourself, and what you experiment with using your own life, circumstances and body as your laboratory.

This dance of exploration and expression brings to the world not just new connections between established ideas, but entirely new information, energies and understandings—entirely new ways to experience the world.

Authentic genius often doesn’t translate directly into a job. In fact, corporate, legal and other aspects of career can dismiss or squelch the flow of authentic genius. That’s why so many people inclined to expressing their authentic genius choose some form of entrepreneurship.

Your authentic genius might express through relationships, raising children, coaching kid’s sports, gardening, deep listening, mediation between family or friends, or any number of things.

However authentic genius expresses. it flows in proportion to how boldly, bravely & freely you embody and express the authentic you.

What’s your authentic genius?

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