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Why Your Should Trust Feelings Over Emotions

Emotions come from the physical body & nervous system to warn from past experience. Feelings come from the subtle body and inform about the Now

The words feelings and emotions are often used interchangeably, but they have key differences. They are both communication systems in the body, and give you information about what is happening within.

Emotions are an expression of what is happening in the physical body at the level of the nervous system and hormones like stress hormones. The brain and nervous system store past experiences and trigger an emotion when something in your present is similar to something in your past—like your boss yelling at you in a similarly way as a parent yelling at you as a child. It triggers emotions like, fear, anger, dread, etc. Emotions apply the past to the present, even if the present situation is much different.

Feelings are the flow of energy in the subtle body or the energy body. They reflect only what is happening energetically in your body in the present moment. Your subtle body is also connected to the subtle field, or the energetic field that underlies the material world. This field feeds information from the field into your subtle sensory system that you experience as intuition or knowing.

Both have value. But only feelings bring you information or inklings from your infinite nature that are unavailable to your physical sensory and perceptual system. Learning to identify, interpret & trust feelings, and to distinguish them from emotions, helps you live from the unlimited possibility of your infinite self.

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