LIVING from WHOLENESS Meditation


The wholeness & freedom we seek is our true nature.  ~Jack Kornfield

As we shift from less particle or material to more wave or energy, two foundational principles support us:

First, you learn to experience yourself and the world as whole. Knowing yourself as whole means that when you are feeling out of sorts, you focus on coming back to harmony with your true nature, not on “fixing” something that is wrong with you.

Second, to shift inner disorder in thoughts, emotions, or health into dynamic, self-regulating order. Dynamic harmony is a form of self-regulation that bring your inner being into a self-supporting order that harmonizes heart and brain, nourishes the body at the deepest levels, and allows you to expand into the emerging energies of this new age—however they show up for you—with ease and grace.

You live these principles in your life by starting within

The Living from Wholeness Meditation…

Enhances order by focusing on wholeness

Harmonize heart and brain for self-healing and self-regulation

Uses dynamic harmony to integrate new energy into your system with ease

Use this meditation often so that wholeness, order and dynamic harmony become your new normal

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Living from Wholeness Meditation

by Kristine Madera

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