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Is What You Believe Really True?

Is What You Believe True?

In this information age you can find evidence to support any belief or idea AND evidence to support opposing beliefs & ideas. The truth? Choose your beliefs wisely

 A few minutes searching the web that you can find “evidence” to back up anything you want to believe in. Anything! That there is evidence for all theories is also a core principle in Reality Transurfing, which I discuss with CONVERSATIONS from the EDGE podcast guest Renée Garcia.

Yes, you can find proof that what you believe is absolutely true, and so can someone trying to prove that the opposite is true. So then is anything really true?

Deep breath! There is no need for an existential crisis. The deep lesson here is that whatever you choose to believe, you can find evidence to support—so choose your beliefs wisely.

Examine your beliefs and ask:

Does this belief bring me peaceful, nourishing energy or does it ultimately take energy through anger, fear, outrage, stress or anxiety?

Does this belief try to compel me to believe in a larger system of beliefs that includes other things that I don’t really believe in?

Does this belief inspire me to be my best or does it threaten me in some way if I don’t behave a certain way?

Does this belief serve my highest well-being and aspirations, or does it demand that I use my energy to serve someone else’s interest at the expense of my own?

When you find beliefs that don’t serve your highest well-being, ask: What would I like to believe instead?

Then search for evidence to support that belief. It’s there—along with a whole new tribe of people to play with who also believe that idea to be true. 

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