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Which You Do You Listen To?

Your brain “selves” have distinct—and competing—opinions, agendas and motivations. Which do you give the final say?

We all have multiple aspects of self, each with its distinct opinion, agenda and motivation. Brain science has shown that the two brain halves have their own perception and priorities. In Jill Bolte Taylor’s book, Whole Brain Living, she talks about four aspects of brain; two thinking centers—one linear and logical and one intuitive and global, and two emotional centers—one focused on safety, the other on fun. (Note: I highly recommend this book!)

It’s no wonder that we often feel inner conflict—because these aspects of self ARE competing to be your truth in each moment. And, each of these aspects and truths are authentically you.

So what to do? Try this…Ask yourself: which self do I let direct my life flow, my daily habits, my decisions large & small? Is this the self that should make this decision?

I was shocked when I realized which parts of me I let make which decisions—what an aha into why some parts of my life crashed and burned again and again, and some stayed in limbo for far too long.

Paying attention is the foundation of awareness. Becoming aware of which parts of you direct which parts of your life will both help you understand and accept yourself more easily, and help you build better habits, make better decision and live a more integrated life.

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