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Congratulations on taking the bold step of getting to know yourself at the deepest and highest level! I look forward to talking with you!

In an ideal world, You will receive email confirmation from me very soon after placing your order & submitting the requested information via the form below. If you don’t receive an email confirmation from me within 24 hours, please email me directly with the subject heading “Soul Sync Reading” at

Also in an idea world, I get your Soul Profile, Video Interpretation and Clearing to you within three days after receiving your information requested below. Due to things like prior commitments, how many requests are in line before yours and techno-glitches, it can take up to seven. I do readings in the order I receive the information. If you are unsure of the information, as can be the case with adoption or lost/altered records, give me as much alternate detail as you know so that I can locate your records. If I need more information, I will email back to request it. Thanks!

In order to access your Akashic Records to get your Soul Profile and information for your reading, please include the following information in the form below:

Your Current Name in Full

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The desire, challenge, issue or question you would like to explore more deeply, with enough detail for me to understand how it is effecting you now and generally how you would like it to look/feel/resolve itself, etc.

Also, for our follow up conversation, please:

Provide your Current Location and Time Zone in your email below

Schedule your conversation HERE of there is a time that works for you–please allow at least 7 days to receive your Soul Profile & Video reading to review BEFORE we talk for best results

If there are no convenient times in my calender, please let me know generally the best times to have a conversation with me in your time zone (or mine–I am US Eastern/New York time)

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