How to Dismantle Your Emotional Triggers

with Dr Jenn Phoenix Hatfield

Trigger alert! Emotional triggers are everywhere these days. It’s human nature to lash out at the cause of a trigger, especially if it feels socially justified. But triggers are information. They tell you where you have raw emotional wounds or stories/ideas you hold about yourself or others that, when challenged, feel like your emotional survival is threatened. 

In this conversation with Dr. Jenn Phoenix Hatfield, we talk about how to identify triggers, how to choose your response and several methods you can use to de-escalate in the moment, dismantle your triggers and heal the cause of raw emotional wounds.  Plus, these juicy topics:

When you work through a trauma or emotional trigger you are better able to gain perspective, understanding, deeper peace and even see what responsibility you have in a relationship or situation.

Triggers are a spotlight of what to look at when you want to make changes in your life even if the situation or trigger seems to have nothing to do with the change you want to make. Often issues are connected at deep subconscious levels.

Currently many triggers are collective issues (justice, race, economics, etc) rather than personal and when you are triggered this way, looking at the story you are telling around the issue will help you find the deep emotional triggers related to them.

Several strategies to help identify, dismantle and re-pattern the body/brain neurology around triggers

Dr. Jenn Phoenix Hatfield is first and foremost an explorer and lover of life. Her explorations have led her to rediscover and reconnect to her ever expanding gifts of intuition, claircognizance, and channeling. She uses these gifts in connection with her experience and education as a Doctor of Chiropractor and over 25 years of experience in the health industry to help others heal. She is the owner of The Intuitive Phoenix and creator of the F#$king Fantastic series.

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Increase my awareness around what emotionally triggers me

Increase my ability to recognize when I am being triggered before react

Decrease my emotional attachment to my own stories

Increase my willingness to see my own stories 

For triggers themselves:

“Bring to neutral and love to wholeness _______ (emotional description of trigger)

Decrease my ______ (emotion) around ______ (person and/or situation)

Increase my willingness to see a larger perspective (of person/situation)

Increase my awareness of the stories I tell about (person or situation)

Decrease my attachment to the stories I tell about (person or situation)

Decrease my resistance to letting go of my story about (person or situation)

Increase my appreciation for (something about a person or situation)

Neutralize all inaccurate stories, beliefs and opinions around (person or situation)

Harmonize me with my highest awareness about this person or situation 

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