Living from Inner Wisdom


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Soul Connection Meditation


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Use only when you can close your eyes and give your full awareness to the meditation

How to Live from Heart Wisdom


1) Pendulum Basics


Find a pendulum to use that is symmetrical and weighted.

You don’t need anything fancy, even a pendant on a necklace can work.

2) Connect with Your Heart



Close your eyes, bring your awareness to your heart.

Breathe slowly into the deep diaphragm as if breathing in through the heart.

Do this until you feel calm and connected.

Always work with your pendulum in this state for best results. 

3) Find Your Yes & No


Practice finding your Yes and No directions.

Then practice asking simple questions you know the answer to.

Always connect with your heart first.

When you are consistently accurate then move to the next video.

4) Ask Simple Yes / No Questions


Practice asking simple yes/no questions.

You can ask a long set of questions if you have a complex query, but each individual question should be clear, direct and have a yes/no answer.

Always connect with your heart first.

5) Choosing from Multiple Options


Make a list of multiple options for a decision you need to make.

Segment the list using the suggestions in the video.

Turn the list over and use the process to select a single option.

Be sure your criteria is clear and connect with your heart first.

6) Increase & Decrease Energy


Practice increasing and decreasing energy as demonstrated in the video. 

Suggestion: Practice decreasing resistance to living from your heart wisdom, and increasing your ability and willingness to live from your heart wisdom daily.

Be sure to connect to your heart first. 

7) Neutralize & Harmonize Energy


Practice neutralizing unhelpful energies, emotions and belief systems, and practice harmonizing with ideas and energies you wish to embody. 

Suggestion: Practice neutralizing all that interferes with being in harmony with your inner wisdom & practice harmonizing your brain with your heart/ inner wisdom daily. 

Follow your heart…It knows the way

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