How to Use the Holographic Universe to Create Your Best Life

with Joshua Bloom

The idea that we live in a dream, virtual or holographic universe has been around for millennia. While it may not yet be provable, the idea that we live in a holographic universe is can greatly boost your healing power. After all, it seems much easier to change an energetic hologram than it is to change a physical body, right?

In this conversation with Joshua Bloom, a Quantum Energy TransformationÔ Expert and bestselling author of The Ultimate Answer …is inside learn how to use change at the holographic level to create change on the physical, quantum, identity and energetic levels, and why this kind of change may not look the way you envision or happen in the way you expect.

Joshua also teaches us how to expand our aura in a way that makes living in a holographic reality much simpler and easier.

Plus, these juicy topics:

A hologram means that a piece of something contains the elements of the whole, so each cell is a hologram of the whole body, and when you can change what is happening in the cell, you can change what’s happening in the whole body—and vice-versa.

In a holographic universe, when you change something on the inside, you change what is reflected from the outside, so when you change your inner world, your outer world mirrors that change back to you

In a holographic universe, you are the “cause”: of your experience, which is very different than most of us where taught, which is to adapt to or react to what the situation you are in. This shift in perspective can help you adjust your energy and experience in the moment into a much different experience!

How your body’s intelligence is what really determines the speed and sequence of change in your awareness and life, and the true nature of “spontaneous” healing and change.

Why it is important to be playful when working with the quantum and holographic fields to create change in your life. Play opens energy flow in a way that seriousness closes down.

How working at the quantum and holographic levels can change everything at once at the level of identity, so that you don’t have to heal or address issues one by one.

Bonus Process!

Joshua teaches us how to expand our aura in a way that makes living in a holographic reality much simpler and easier!


Joshua BloomJoshua Bloom believes that anything is possible and YOU have the power to live as who you are capable of becoming. When miracles seem impossible, Joshua helps people transform themselves instantly, through the science of the quantum field, which he teaches about in depth in his extraordinary “Come To The Edge” program.

His proprietary Quantum Energy Transformation™ process creates a landscape of possibility by inviting extraordinary empaths, intuitives and energy workers to go inside themselves and access the Quantum Field.

This innovative fusion of science and spirituality involves 5 key stages of growth and transformation that serve as the roadmap to permanent change that up-levels your reality to become confident and unstoppable.

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Neutralize the stories I have about what is real and what is impossible

Increase my awareness of what is possible if I imagine it as part of a holographic universe

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Increase my awareness of the quantum field and how to work within it 

Harmonize me with my higher self

Neutralize my resistance to change

Increase my willingness and ability to trust my body intelligence

Increase my willingness and ability to trust my higher intelligence

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