How to Anchor in the Social Change You Desire

with Katie Kieffer

Energies and ideas are expanding in a wave of what looks like rapid social change, but lasting change comes from shifting the emotional energy around a new idea, not from the idea itself. When you protest or work for social change in any way, the emotional you bring to the activity (and how you respond to any counter-activity) is the energy you are anchoring expanding. Attending to your own emotional experience and reactions is a key part of the process of effective social change. 

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Many people are more effective at working the underlying energy structure of change from the emotional and energetic level. This may look passive, but it is critical and help build a new emotional and energetic structure to support the emerging change.

One shift  you can make now is to choose the core value you would like to anchor into the world and begin to align your life with this value and the emotional resonance of this value.

Anger is a great catalyst for change, but unless you use it to anchor in a higher level energy, all you are doing is adding to the anger in the world. 

When you choose to operate from higher level consciousness you step into greater personal power as well as greater responsibility for your life and your choices. Many people don’t want this level of personal responsibility–do you? 

Katie Kieffer coaches, mentors, and guides clients through the inner work of healing, evolving, and aligning within themselves.  She’s passionate about understanding self and others as multi-faceted, multi-dimensional beings in this human experience.  The idea of living from the soul, what she calls Sacred Self, lights her up.  She absolutely loves helping clients move beyond the conditioning, karmic patterns, and ties of the past so they can move into the present and future to create a life they truly enjoy experiencing.

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EXPAND Your EDGE Pendulum Play!

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Increase my awareness of the emotion I have around ideas I beleive in

Expand my awareness of where and how I am emotionally triggered

Expand my ability to be in the present moment in all I do

Expand my ability to choose the energy and emotion I radiate

Increase my ability/willingness to choose a new primary value and attune my life to it

Neutralize anywhere I am operating in reaction and reactive energies

Increase my awareness of where my gifts and interest can best support the change I want to make in the world

Increase my ability and willingness to let go of the past and any emotional attachment to the past

Decrease my projection of/attachment to what the future should look like

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