You are a Multidimensional Being

with Amy Dempster

You are a multidimensional being with just a small part of you in the physical form you experience as you. In this CONVERSATIONS from the EDGE episode with Earth Healing Expert Amy Dempster, we both share our experience of how to live as your multidimensional self, and your human self, in our multidimensional reality. 

Including, these juicy topics:

How life lives you at the multidimensional level, and the easier paths to flowing with this experience.

How much of the “work” you are here to do in the world is via the multidimensional realm, and how the human you can cooperate with and enjoy this process more fully—with a LOT less work!  

The critical difference between True and Truth and how they each work at the human and the multidimensional level. Also when and how to engage each.

How beliefs shape reality, or at least your experience of reality, . and how having fixed emotionally poignant beliefs can interfere with experiencing multidimensional reality, but doesn’t actually interfere with the work your multidimensional self is doing.

Life can be much easier than we have been taught because much or purpose is carried out at the multidimensional level. This can free you up to enjoy life more, stress less, and let life live you.

Amy Dempster Amy Dempster helps in understanding the healing power of the earth. What began as openly sharing her spiritual journey on her popular blog Following Hawks, has become a resource for others wanting to learn how to communicate with nature and share their own unique healing gifts with the earth.

Together with the Spirits of the Land in the mountains of northwest Montana, she tends seven portals on the land where she lives, along with any grid keeping work she is assigned. She also leads the Earth Tenders Academy, an immersive online journey to help others re- establish their connection with their ancient ancestors, learn to communicate with the seen and unseen forces in their environment and respectfully offer their healing energy to places in need. Amy is also the host of the podcast The Earth Keepers

Connect with Amy using the links above and at Following Hawks Website   *   Following Hawks Facebook Community   *    Instagram

EXPAND Your EDGE Pendulum Play!

If you have taken the EXPAND Your EDGE course, remember to use what you learned to expand what in this conversation pushed your edge. Also, here are some other ways to use your pendulum to play with the energies in this conversation to expand your consciousness. Still need the course? Access it for HERE

Increase my awareness of my multidimensional aspects

Expand my ability to flow with what is

Expand my ability to allow everyone to experience their own truth

Expand my ability to let life live me

Increase my ability/willingness to be open to the multidimensional flow of my life

Neutralize anywhere I am operating from fear, resistance or control

Increase my willingness to trust my multidimensional self and nature

Increase my understanding of how my beleifs shape my experience of realtiy

Decrease my attachment to what I think life, and my life, shoudl be

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