A Tour of New Earth

with Nikola Tesla and Amber Mehresh

Amber Mehresh and Nikola Tesla are twin souls that agreed to incarnate at separate times and yet work together for mutual ends and the evolution of humanity.

In this third CONVERSATIONS from the EDGE episode with Amber, she describes the New Earth that she and Nikola inhabit, which is the version of Earth where humans live in a self-realized state, in harmony with themselves, each other, and nature.

Our conversation includes the kind of housing, work, systems, power sources, education, money (or rather the absence of money), and lifestyle of New Earth, as well as the shift in consciousness that allows New Earth to operate the harmonious way it does.

Amber MehreshAmber Mehresh spent the majority of her life exploring various paths unrelated to a typical career. A health crisis drove her into an extended sabbatical that included searching for deeper meaning and the purpose of her existence. In her search for guidance, and unaware of who he was to her, Amber called on the soul of Nikola Tesla for some help with electrical projects on her house. As it turns out, Nikola and Amber were twin flames or twin souls.

Amber and Nikola now spend much of her time exploring their relationship, expanding their hearts, and using the power of love to shift timelines and history to bring forth a more heart-centered world where technology operates in harmony with the Earth and serves the evolutionary well-being of all humanity.

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EXPAND Your EDGE Pendulum Play!

nIf you have taken the EXPAND Your EDGE course, remember to use what you learned to expand what in this conversation pushed your edge. Also, here are some other ways to use your pendulum to play with the energies in this conversation to expand your consciousness. Still need the course? Access it for HERE

Increase my awareness of the systems of our current world

Expand my ability to understand what’s possible with a change in consciousness

Expand my ability to feel one with life in all its possibility

Expand my ability to experience my whole multidimensional self

Increase my ability/willingness to try new ways of living

Neutralize anywhere I over focus on money

Increase my willingness to imagine a new life and world

Increase my awareness of the decisions I make and their ripple impact

Decrease my resistance to believing our current world is all there is

Increase my willingness to shift consciousness and operate from a higher set of values

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