Thought, Awareness & How to Sync Ego and Soul

with Katie Kieffer

After a head injury, Kristine experienced a dramatic difference between thought and awareness. In this conversation with Theta Healing Practioner Katie Kieffer, they examine the difference between them, the benefits of each and how they can work together for your highest and most optimal experience. We go in depth with these juicy ideas:

The critical roles of the Ego and Soul and how they can work together, as well as what happens when they are out of sync. Also, how to feel supported on both the ego/physical level as well as feeling supported by soul (plus experience a Theta Healing process to anchor in this and much more!)

True Awareness, False Awareness, Thought and how they show up in your experience. Also discover when and how to use thought and awareness, and when to use them together effectively.

What it means to be truly self-supporting–not just on a physical level, but in all areas of life. As well as how to feel supported fully in your physical life (including financially) and at the soul level as well.

Bonus Process!

Katie takes us through an extended Theta Healing session to clarify true awareness, balance awareness and thought, to teach the body to recognize and sync with your soul’s vibration. She also instills the nourishing energy (physically and energetically) of a life in reciprocity and flow, including financial reciprocity and flow.

 Katie Kieffer coaches, mentors, and guides clients through the inner work of healing, evolving, and aligning within themselves.  She’s passionate about understanding self and others as multi-faceted, multi-dimensional beings in this human experience.  The idea of living from the soul, what she calls Sacred Self, lights her up.  She absolutely loves helping clients move beyond the conditioning, karmic patterns, and ties of the past so they can move into the present and future to create a life they truly enjoy experiencing.

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EXPAND Your EDGE Pendulum Play!

If you have taken the EXPAND Your EDGE course, here are some ways to use your pendulum to play with the energies in this conversation to expand your consciousness. Still need the course? Get it for free HERE

Expand my experience of my soul self

Harmonize my ego with my soul self / soul vibration

Neutralize my attachment to identity and my personal story

I know the difference between true awareness and false awareness

Install Creator’s definition of true awareness & appropriate thought

Neutralize the energy of false awareness in all areas of my life

Increase my willingness to live from true awareness

Increase my sense of feeling supported in all areas of my life

Harmonize my body, ego and soul to support my highest benefit

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