The Energetic Foundation of Social Change 

with Veronica Torres & Eloheim

In this conversation with Veronica Torres and Eloheim, one of the beings she channels, Eloheim shares several key shifts we can make personally to support the social change movements unfolding in the world at this time. Eloheim also reminds us about the difference between operating from personality and operating from awareness, and that all our problems are problems that stem from the survival focus of personality. The greatest gift you can give to the planet is to heal your personality and shift toward awareness, because solutions based in possibility don’t come from personality. Plus these juicy topics:

How personality is the interaction with life based in limitation and control, while awareness is the unlimited self that is part of all possibility. Awareness is always present, but only accessible when we surrender personality moment by moment. Personality cannot know what awareness is, and you can’t experience awareness from personality.

How “We Are One” is experienced from personality and awareness: Personality sees “we are one” as jeopardy and the need to give up something or give all you have to another. Awareness sees that we are all made from the same subatomic particles in different forms, and sees “me” as a non-ending entity interacting and sharing an experience with the various forms made up by subatomic particles.

From awareness, the social justice movements are best supported by continually surrendering into awareness and acting from choiceless choice, of letting go of specific outcomes (which come from personality) then being present together in conversation, collaboration and cooperation to find out path in the unfolding awareness.

That you can’t change your life or the world without changing yourself and making small, simple changes like rearranging your furniture or a cupboard can help create personal neuroplasticity to embrace changes in the external world. The more each person can increase their personal neuroplasticity the more it supports our collective neuroplasticity and willingness to embrace change.

Link to previous podcast I referred to: From HomoSapien to HomoSpiritus

Veronica Torres EloheimVeronica Torres, Channeling Eloheim & The Council A down-to-Earth “force of nature,” Veronica Torres brings a deep commitment to conscious living, a powerful desire for clarity, and a great sense of humor to every situation. Veronica is the channel for Eloheim. (pronounced: L low heem)

Eloheim has been with us since the beginning. They were tasked by the creator to provide an opportunity for Souls to incarnate into a free-will zone. Our beautiful planet is that place. We have come to the point in our spiritual development where we are ready to make the jump to Homo spiritus. Homo spiritus is a state of bliss that exists outside of duality and allows us to access the full potential of being human; a brand new way to live on Earth.

The journey to Homo spiritus starts with transforming your relationship to yourself and others. Eloheim specializes in reading the underlying energetics in any situation. Once they have that clarity, they create an easy-to-apply tool that can quickly shift blockages.

Use Eloheim’s teachings to strip away the interference of habit, to access the current version of you, and to start living a life you will love.

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Decrease my resistance to change in my life and the world

Decrease my resistance to surrendering personality to awareness

Increase my awareness of when I am personality

Increase my ability/willingness to open to awareness

Increase my ability/willingness to experience awareness

Harmonize me with my highest awareness

Neutralize my resistance to letting go of survival emotions

Increase my willingness to be in uncertainty

Increase my experience of choiceless choice 

Increase my willingness to act from choiceless choice

Increase my willingness to be in the expansive present moment

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