The Catch-22 Trap of Self Awareness


Being self-aware is a characteristic of being human. Honing self-awareness has been touted as a key step in personal, developmental and spiritual maturity. But, once honed, continuing to focus on the self for wisdom, guidance and evolution is a trap that keeps well-meaning people stuck in a cycle of self-referencing that keeps you spinning in the same old patterns. In this first Conversation with Consciousness, discover the next step in self-evolution: To let go of the self and the self-referencing that comes with it, and simply be in awareness.  It’s a big step, and now is the perfect time to make that shift! The core ideas in this conversation are:

The real human sixth sense is the sense of self. This sense acts like the rest of the physical senses to help you orient to your perceived reality. Expanding into awareness allows you to orients experience from your non-physical senses.

An entirely different level of information is available to you from the unlimited possibility of awareness, but it is available only in the state of awareness and not through the reflection of ideas, thought and self-referencing.

Awareness allows you to shift into true inner authority and that single shift has the potential to shift our entire global culture away from top-down authority to a more egalitarian, diffused authority structure.

Four levels of competence and how to shift from the conscious competence of self-awareness as the observer observing the self, to the unconscious competence where you are awareness in experience without the observer “self” observing.

When you are in self-awareness, you make the self “real” and are always referencing your perceived reality as true. Awareness opens you to a deeper, truer reality.  

Kristine MaderaKristine Madera is the host of the CONVERSATIONS from the EDGE podcast. Her great passion in life has been to push the edges of her own consciousness and to invite others to do so as well. As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, rather than help people align subconscious support to conscious desires (which can send your life off the rails even faster) she worked with people from the heart/inner wisdom level to support the deep transformation people truly desired. She also witnessed the value of adding guided meditations to her client’s “homework” and the rapid speed that they can bring when combined with conscious awareness and action. She creates her meditations from the expansions she is experiencing in her own consciousness.

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Increase my awareness of when I am looking to my “self” for truth

Expand my experience of awareness in my daily life

Neutralize all that keeps me in self-awareness

Neutralize all that keeps me in true awareness

Harmonize my body, being and life with the experience of awareness

Increase my ability and willingness to be in awareness more of the time

Expand my ability and willingness to be in experience without referencing the self

Expand my ability and willingness to let go of ideas about myself and the world and be in the reality of awareness  

Neutralize anywhere I make myself or my ego wrong

Expand my awareness of ego in its highest function available to me

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Pushing the edges of my own consciousness has been my passion for as long as I can remember. I’ve been helping others push past limiting perceptions and expand their minds and realities for almost as long. Conversations are a great way to explore what’s possible, whether through listening to the conversations in this site or talking privately with me or one of my mind-blowing friends.

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