Lightworkers, Let’s Unite Our Energetic Light

with Miché Meizner

Those who call themselves Lightworkers, or other spiritual “practitioners”, have often felt out of place on Earth. Both Miché and Kristine felt like they had one foot in and foot out of the world. Both had a big shift with the arrival of coronavirus and the global disruption it’s causing. We talk about the sudden realization that all the skillsets we’ve cultivated and the spiritual “practice” we’ve done is for this moment of massive change in this time. Including these juicy topics:

Often “spiritual” people have felt isolated and alone in their practice and frustrated with wondering whey they are here. Miché & Kristine offer some guided imagery to help bring together our individual lights into the synergy of our collective presence on earth. 

How each individual working alone in their spiritual practice to has a unique understanding and critical piece of what is needed now to be the peaceful foundation to support the changes we are all experiences and to support those who are most “negatively” effected by these changes. 

One key skill set in this time is becoming comfortable with discomfort, and an experiential process that can help people become less resistant and more open to emotional discomfort. 

There is nothing new or original, everything already exists in the field of all possibility, and the era of ownership or propriety over what we have each discovered is fading as all skills, insights and expanding awareness are more available to everyone as we move forward.

Bonus Process!

Michė & Kristine both share guided imagery that brings all of our “lights” together into a synergistic pillar of light, illuminating the earth and beyond. Kristine gives a guided experience of experiencing and releasing emotional discomfort. 

Miche MeiznerMiché Meizner is a Healer, Transformational Coach, Consultant for women on a spiritual journey in life and business. She teaches people how to bend spoons using mind over matter (and their hands too) to awaken to the great capacity they hold within, the power of intentional thought and action and the profound influence we have over our circumstances and environment. At 8 years old someone asked her how old she was. She answered, “Five Thousand.” This “old soul” brings more light to the planet through many healing modalities, including her exclusive Cosmic Attunement Process—a holistic system of energy work and coaching activating healing and deep change for my clients on the personal and the spiritual levels.

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Neutralize my feelings of separation from other lightworkers

Neutralize my feelings of disconnection from the earth

Increase my feeling and experience of connection with other lightworkers

Increase my ability to use my unique skills and insights during this time of change 

Decrease my attachment to what is “mine” to teach or share

Increase my ability to be at peace regardless of what is going on in the world, in my life, or around me

Increase my ability to be in awareness regardless of what is going on in the world, in my life, or around me

Decrease my attachment to the way things used to be

Decrease my attachment to needing to know what will happen next

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Pushing the edges of my own consciousness has been my passion for as long as I can remember. I’ve been helping others push past limiting perceptions and expand their minds and realities for almost as long. Conversations are a great way to explore what’s possible, whether through listening to the conversations in this site or talking privately with me or one of my mind-blowing friends.

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