Re-Pattern Spiritual DNA 1 of 2 with Linda Lang

In this first conversation with Wisdom Channel Linda Lang, Linda demonstrates her very powerful DNA Repatterining process on Kristine to release DNA blocks to Kristine’s affirmation “I thrive in harmony with my highest good and my highest purpose.” We also talk about the three levels of true DNA healing and various way people experience energy and energy shifting. Plus, these juicy topics:

The importance of both conscious and unconscious agreement to making an energy shift, what can get in the way of this agreement and how to increase rapport with the unconscious for more effective consciousness shifting. 

The need for integration between energy/consciousness shifts even for people who are very accustomed to intense energy work, and why lack of integration time is one of the key barriers to effective energy work. 

The nature of shame and where it can lodge in the body as well as how easily we take on shame in various ways, especially in early life.

The natural ability for the body to heal itself as well as re-pattern thoughts, emotions and DNA when you can get out of the way and trust your body’s innate ability.

Find Re-Pattern Spiritual DNA 2 of 2 (send half of this process) here 

Bonus Process!

This whole episode is a bonus process as Linda walks Kristine through re-patterning and integrating the energy of “I thrive in harmony with my highest good and my highest purpose.” If this applies to you, invite the energy to help you shift as well!

Linda LangLinda Lang is a skilled alchemist, wisdom channel and spiritual explorer. Her rapport with the subconscious and the higher spiritual realm direct her deeply intuitive and transformative work. Gifted with the Diamond Ray, the Tri-Une Heart Flame and her own signature energy symbols, she combines high frequency energy channels, spiritual insights and a variety of transformational techniques to heal body, mind and spirit. Linda clears the way for spiritual seekers to embrace their magic, turn up their inner spark and live each day as an embodiment of their authentic self. Her podcast, Exploring the Mystical Side of Life, is dedicated to helping you to open your mind to new possibilities.

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EXPAND Your EDGE Pendulum Play!

If you have taken the EXPAND Your EDGE course, here are some ways to use your pendulum to play with the energies in this conversation to expand your consciousness. Still need the course? Get it for free HERE

Increase my trust of my body to heal itself 

Increase my trust in best timing and integration as my body heals itself 

Increase my willingness to heal old patterns and live in a new way

Decrease my resistance to the changes that align with my highest good

Increase my awareness of my highest good

Increase my awareness of my highest purpose

Harmonize me with the energy of thriving

Harmonize me with my highest good

Harmonize me with my highest purpose

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