Playing with Universal Law with Katie Kieffer

In this conversation, Theta Healing Practioner Katie Kieffer talks about bringing in joy, play and happiness by calling in specific Universal Laws to support those energies, including the law of Action, Life, Authority & Balance. She also talks about why the four key virtues allow you to more effectively work with Universal Law. Plus these juicy topics:

The four foundational virtues that open you up to working with Universal Law in an effective and intentional way.

The difference between using a Universal Law like gravity, and working the a Universal Law like Wisdom or Love to live at an expanded experience of consciousness. Also learn how to ask a Universal Law to support you.

How the Law of Life & Synchronicity shows up in daily life and how to develop a habit of calling it forward.

Bonus Process!

Katie takes us through a Theta Healing meditation calls in the Law of Life for all listeners, including how to receive, allow, express and enjoy all of life. 

 Katie Kieffer coaches, mentors, and guides clients through the inner work of healing, evolving, and aligning within themselves.  She’s passionate about understanding self and others as multi-faceted, multi-dimensional beings in this human experience.  The idea of living from the soul, what she calls Sacred Self, lights her up.  She absolutely loves helping clients move beyond the conditioning, karmic patterns, and ties of the past so they can move into the present and future to create a life they truly enjoy experiencing.

Connect with Katie

EXPAND Your EDGE Pendulum Play!

If you have taken the EXPAND Your EDGE course, remember to use what you learned to expand what in this conversation pushed your edge. Also, here are some other ways to use your pendulum to play with the energies in this conversation to expand your consciousness. Still need the course? Access it HERE

Increase my awareness of how Universal Law works in my life

Increase my awareness of where I am in/out of alignment with Universal Law

Increase my awareness of where I elevate human laws above Universal Laws

Decrease my belief that human laws are more real than Universal Law

Decrease my resistance to new ideas and awarenesses

Increase the Universal Law of _______ in my life

Bring in the Universal Law of _______ to support me today

Expand my awareness of how the Universal Law of ______ is showing up in my life

Small Sample of Universal Laws: Syncronicity, Action, Time, Love, Compassion, Wisdom, Attraction, Courage, Balance, Authority, Love

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