What if Memories Are Really Energetic Holograms?

with Miché Meizner

Our conversation starts with Miché Meizner sharing her and her partner’s individual experiences of memories that seem like a complete holographic and energetic experience, and winds through some of the gifts available in this time of uncertainty and how important it is for both health and possibility to be in a relaxed, expansive state. Including these juicy topics:

How many people are spontaneously letting go of past paradigms and opening to new experiences without “trying.” These spontaneous awakenings seem to help people be happier, more relaxed and more in tune with life.

How our current time of uncertainty, where the future is unknown and the past is no longer relevant, is the perfect time to be in the open state of what is possible, rather than be in fear, and to better experience everything as an extension of YOU as all that is.

How the heart-level connection that comes in times of crisis puts all our stories of separation and individuation on hold, which allows us to experience ourselves as one, and how we can use this sense of oneness and connection to recreate a society that focuses on connection rather than separation.

How to use the energy of a holographic memory to support your ability to stay focused in this current time of uncertainty.

An easy way to tap into the energy of possibility in times of uncertainty, and why it is so important to be in that state as life unfolds.

Fun questions to play with yourself…Can you recall an energy the way you can recall a memory?   Do different times in our lives have distinct energies?   Can we recall them like a memory?

Bonus Process!

Michė shares the Access Consciousness tool of asking “What else is possible?” as a way to stay open and navigate uncertainty, and how to use this to shift energy from the fear of the unknown to excitement about possibility.   

Miche MeiznerMiché Meizner is a Healer, Transformational Coach, Consultant for women on a spiritual journey in life and business. She teaches people how to bend spoons using mind over matter (and their hands too) to awaken to the great capacity they hold within, the power of intentional thought and action and the profound influence we have over our circumstances and environment. At 8 years old someone asked her how old she was. She answered, “Five Thousand.” This “old soul” brings more light to the planet through many healing modalities, including her exclusive Cosmic Attunement Process—a holistic system of energy work and coaching activating healing and deep change for my clients on the personal and the spiritual levels.

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EXPAND Your EDGE Pendulum Play!

If you have taken the EXPAND Your EDGE course, here are some ways to use your pendulum to play with the energies in this conversation to expand your consciousness. Still need the course? Get it for free HERE

Neutralize my feelings of separation

Increase my feeling and experience of connection

Increase my ability to tap into past memories to support me in the now

Decrease my attachment to paradigms that no longer serve me

Increase my ability to tap into past helpful energies and memories

Decrease my attachment to the past

Decrease my attachment to needing to know what will happen next

Increase my willingness to open to how life unfolds for me

Harmonize me with possibility

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