How to Use Cancer Season to Nourish Self-Love

with Jana Roemer

Cancer is the fourth sign in the astrological year. Developmentally, it is when a child teaches you how he or she needs to be loved, and when a healthy home and boundaries support the child in venturing out to explore more of the world. As an adult, Cancer gives us the opportunity to re-parent ourselves, to create a safe home and home-based relationships, and set our own healthy boundaries that support us in growing into more courageous and expansive versions of ourselves.

As an archetype, Cancer is the Divine Mother & the ultimate nourisher, and resides in the body in the belly and breasts. In this episode with astrologer and yogi Jana Roemer, Jana shares how you can also use Cancer season to cultivate deeper self-love and self-nurturing, as well how to transit the energies of this energetically busy season.

Including, these juicy topics:

According to body astrology, Cancer lives in the belly, breasts and womb. It is the source of nourishment and sustenance, and brings us back each year to the initiatory waters and life force of the metaphorical womb.

Cancer is the season to look at all the ways you nourish yourself—or deprive yourself of nourishments, including food and digestion, relationships and family, home and home life, me-time, self-care, breast-care, time management, safety, and how you manage your life force.

The Capricorn full moon comes before the Cancer new moon and gives us the opportunity to consider and set healthy boundaries in life, home and relationships so that we can soften into the self-love and empowerment supported by the new moon.

Fireworks could fly physically and metaphorically around US Independence Day, as Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Chiron and Venus support intense, expressive, breakthrough energy where people may take action on their wounds leading up to and going through July 4th.

Doing your Cancer work will help you through a period of ego death toward the end of Cancer season, and give you the opportunity to choose how to show up in this energetic death

Why understanding the collective energy of astrology can help you personally as well as help us all collectively make more empowered, informed choices and take more considered action

Jana RoemerJana Roemer synthesized 20 years of study and 13 years of teaching her two great loves, Astrology and Yoga Nidra, to create Astro Nidras, a lying down meditation where the body relaxes to a sleep state while awareness remains online. In her own words, it’s a practice of awakening to the multitude of transitions life has to offer and a cure for a busy mind.

She has trained hundreds of people with over 3000 hours of 200 + 300 hour yoga teacher trainings, 500 hours of yoga nidra as well as co-facilitated trainings and retreats with Sasha Bahador, Elena Brower, Ally Bogard, Christine Price Clark, Kristin Campbell, Meghan Currie, Sarah Zandbeek, Kat Villain and more.

Her newest passion is building a virtual temple called “Attune to the Moon” where you’ll find Astrology, embodied: practices linked to real time planetary positions. There’s nothing like it! You have to come check it out.

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Increase my awareness of how I use boundaries in ways that are unhelpful

Expand my ability to flow with change

Expand my ability and willingness to create healthy boundaries that truly support me

Expand my understanding of self-love and self-nourishment

Increase my ability and willingness to trust myself 

Neutralize any confusion between true guidance and the impersonal impulsive flow of astrological or group energy  

Increase my understanding of how yo create a safe, nurturing home environment

Increase my willingness to expand my spiritual growth in all areas of my life

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