Shift Chaos into Order this Virgo Season

with Jana Roemer

Virgo sun season is the last of the “me” centered zodiac signs. It is where you set the daily habits and rhythms that support your best self and your best life, so that, as Libra season comes, you can be your best in partnership. Virgo is the prime season for looking at how you conform to external expectations that don’t serve your best life, to explore your native rhythms, and recreate daily habits and flow that supports your whole being.

In this episode with astrologer and yogi Jana Roemer, Jana shares how you can also use Virgo season to turn chaos into order, both in your internal world and your external world, and how to find a dynamic balance that truly supports you and your world.

Including, these juicy topics:

Virgo lives in the digestive tract & parasympathetic nervous system, and when Virgo energies are out of balance it can show up as an irritable bowel, OCD and neurotic tendencies. Physiologically, Virgo asks you to find and maintain a healthy homeostasis.

Virgo is an Earth and Yin (feminine energy) sign that invites you to tune inward, follow intuition and the flow of creativity than the dictates of external demands

Venus in Libra and Jupiter retrograde in Aquarius offer a flowing energy that supports abundance, prosperity, fun, joy and pleasure. It may also expand your awareness and understanding of prosperity and abundance far beyond the ideas of money and wealth.

Virgo new moon helps you see how you can serve the needs of others and humanity once your personal needs are met, and supports awakening to a greater humanitarian spirit..

Pisces full moon invites you to have one foot in the material and one in the ethereal and inspires you to be fully connected to Source as a material being. It also reminds you to rest and make time to float away from the “real” world and into a deeper experience of reality.

Jana RoemerJana Roemer synthesized 20 years of study and 13 years of teaching her two great loves, Astrology and Yoga Nidra, to create Astro Nidras, a lying down meditation where the body relaxes to a sleep state while awareness remains online. In her own words, it’s a practice of awakening to the multitude of transitions life has to offer and a cure for a busy mind.

She has trained hundreds of people with over 3000 hours of 200 + 300 hour yoga teacher trainings, 500 hours of yoga nidra as well as co-facilitated trainings and retreats with Sasha Bahador, Elena Brower, Ally Bogard, Christine Price Clark, Kristin Campbell, Meghan Currie, Sarah Zandbeek, Kat Villain and more.

Her newest passion is building a virtual temple called “Attune to the Moon” where you’ll find Astrology, embodied: practices linked to real time planetary positions. There’s nothing like it! You have to come check it out.

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If you have taken the EXPAND Your EDGE course, remember to use what you learned to expand what in this conversation pushed your edge. Also, here are some other ways to use your pendulum to play with the energies in this conversation to expand your consciousness. Still need the course? Access it for HERE

Increase my awareness of my daily habits and energy flow

Expand my willingness to discover my natural energy flow

Expand my ability and willingness to create a life and lifestyle that honors my personal rhythms

Expand my understanding of how to be in my own balance 

Increase my ability and willingness to support collective well being in harmony with my personal wellpbeing.

Neutralize any limiting viewpoints around prosperity and abundance and how to achieve them

Increase my understanding of how to turn chaos into order in my life

Increase my ability and willingness to live in true balance

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