How to Discover Your Spiritual Truth

with Claudia Navone

Your spiritual evolution isn’t just about you. Spiritual awakening is part of our collective human experience at this time. It is easy to focus on your personal spiritual evolution or personal spiritual awakening, but the collective, impersonal nature of spiritual evolution is an expanding energy that you can benefit from tapping into. When you combine your focus with others on a similar path, you can access more expansion and awareness than you can when you grow alone.

That doesn’t mean you need to accept everything you encounter in the awakening community—there are a lot of views, avenues, paths and experiences in this massive field. In this episode with consciousness teacher Claudia Navone, learn how to work with the expansive awakening energies to accelerate your own spiritual growth.

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Awakening is a collective human experience that is happening to us, through us and for us as a collective, and you get to choose the best path/s for you. Whatever your path, your expansion support the collective, and the collective expansion—if you let it—supports you.

Following the path of a like-minded group can help you have fast spiritual awakening, as the synergy of the group experience is more powerful than you expanding alone.

You’ll know you are in a like-minded spiritual community when the path and teachings they follow have the resonance of truth for you.

Judging a spiritual path that doesn’t resonate with you as false, wrong or bad is a residue of separation and can really slow down your personal spiritual awakening.  There are many paths weaving together to expand our global evolution.

Claudia NavoneClaudia Navone was born in Florence, and started her career as a ballerina, then a Fashion Editor and Director of publications like Elle, The Sunday Times and Harper’s Bazaar.  Following a spontaneous and powerful Spiritual Awakening in 2006, embarked on a spiritual path, which she outlines through her spiritual coming-of-age novel The Shapeshifter’ a tale from glitter to light

Claudia is a mentor and teacher of The Divine University and is launching a truly innovative new spiritual platform called INSPIRIT.  

Claudia’s column “Simply Consciousness” on Thrive Global, is a crash course on the mechanisms of consciousness that helps readers achieve a new level of awareness and self-realization through her insights & wisdom, and interviews with luminaries like Gregg Braden and Dr. Mandeep Rai.


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Increase my awareness of my spiritual truth

Expand my ability to open to my spiritual truth

Expand my ability and willingness to accept all paths of awakening as part of our collective evolution

Expand my openness to finding a community of people whose path resonates with my spiritual truth

Increase my ability/willingness to let go of old habits of thought and emotion that slow my awakening and expansion

Neutralize any fear of letting go of 3D reality as I  have experienced it

Decrease any fear of my personal spiritual awakening

Increase my experience of being part of a massive global awakening 

Increase my willingness to live my truth in my body and my life

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