How to Discover Your Inner Truth


This Conversation with Consciousness started with this listener question: I hear all the time that I should live from my inner truth, but I am not actually sure that that means ~ can you clarify this?

Consciousness started by saying that the problem with ideas about inner truth is that they are primarily ideas and not truth.

Your inner truth is is not an idea or your experience of your identity, it is your core vibrational signature that is your unique puzzle piece in the collective All. It isn’t knowable as a concept, idea or thought. It can only be known by expanding beyond ideas and allowing your unique vibration to reveal itself in the unfolding now.

Plus these juicy tidbits:

When you operate from ideas of your truth or what is true for you, you often have inner conflict or competing desires between the ideas of truth you hold–for example the conflict between freedom and your ideas of the obligations of being a good person. 

You operate on several levels of truth, and when you relate to an idea as true, like the idea of money (which is only “real” because we collectively believe in it), then you judge yourself in relation with that idea of truth. This externalized truth as something outside of you.

Some ideas of truth live inside you, like the emotional truth of “not good enough” and drive your behavior, emotions and thoughts as you both live out this truth and try to prove it wrong. 

Letting go of ideas as truth opens you to the truth of you at the vibrational level. The more you open to this experience, the more you can discover the real truth of you by letting this vibration live you without the need to conceptualize it.

Your inner truth informs your passions, desire, and so on so when you tap into your innate curiosity, interests and passions this can help you better experience your inner truth as you let it flow through you and your life.

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Kristine MaderaKristine Madera is the host of the CONVERSATIONS from the EDGE podcast. Her great passion in life has been to push the edges of her own consciousness and to invite others to do so as well. As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, rather than help people align subconscious support to conscious desires (which can send your life off the rails even faster) she worked with people from the heart/inner wisdom level to support the deep transformation people truly desired. She also witnessed the value of adding guided meditations to her client’s “homework” and the rapid speed that they can bring when combined with conscious awareness and action. She creates her meditations from the expansions she is experiencing in her own consciousness.

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Increase my awareness of where I make ideas real and relate to them as true

Expand my awareness of when I am aligned with my inner truth

Neutralize all that has me believing that my ideas about things like money, justice and truth are actually true

Neutralize all that keeps me judging myself in relation to the ideas I have about what is true

Neutralize my habit of finding truth in my thoughts and ideas

Harmonize my body, being and life with my vibrational truth

Increase my ability and willingness to let go of my ideas about truth and experience my real inner truth

Expand my ability and willingness to experience the truth of me free from ideas about myself

Expand my ability and willingness to let my inner truth vibration flow through my body, my perception and my life

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