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Infinity Alchemist by Kacen Callender

Book Review by Kristine Madera

Infinity Alchemist by Kacen Callender Book Review by Kristine MaderaThe Infinity Alchemist is fundamentally about love—romantic, interpersonal, universal, and love for humanity. Like all good books, this thread is woven through characters and story, focusing on a young aspiring and as-yet unlicensed alchemist Ash Woods. Ash gets caught practicing alchemy by the pariah Ramsay Thorne, a gifted young alchemist whose parents killed scores of people to harness alchemical power. Instead of turning Ash in, the gender-shifting Ramsay offers to keep Ash’s secret if he helps Ramsay find the legendary Book of Source that gives the holder unfathomable power. 

As Ash and Ramsay grow closer alchemically and romantically, they release immense alchemical power, which leads to disaster. Enter Ramsay’s ex, Callum, a guard who is also a secret alchemist. Through adventures, danger, and seeming betrayals, Ash, Callum and eventually Ramsay search for the Book of Source before power-hungry others can get their hands on it. As they travel, the three grow closer, each twosome with a unique emotional intimacy, and the three together try to figure out how to expand their relationship and emotional intimacy as a polyamorous threesome.

Infinity Alchemist is the latest by acclaimed author Kacen Callender, author of Felix Ever After, King and the Dragonflies, Queen of the Conquered, and others. Infinity Alchemist is Callender’s first YA fantasy, and is a very worthwhile read!

NOTE: I try to find author interviews about the book I reviewed to post with the review, but Infinity Alchemist is so new I haven’t seen one yet. When I do, I’ll post it. Stay tuned!

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