What’s with the Buzz Cut?

It’s Your Statement, Not Mine I get the giggles each time someone gives me “the look,” which I define as the brief, deer-in-the-headlights stare when they meet me, look at my hair and pause for a moment before they stammer out something, sometimes something really amusing. I forget that my hair can cause such reaction. […]

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Meditation as Extreme Sport?

Competitive Meditation? A favorite spiritual writer of mine (okay, it’s Eknath Easwaran if you must know) said that to cultivate more spirituality in life we should have meditation competitions rather than sports competitions. The idea struck me interesting in the abstract, but more than a little impractical. How, after all, could you judge a competition […]

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What Kind of Inspiration are You Following?

Inspiration: Emotional, Mental or Soul? Like most things in life, the word “inspiration” has different flavors for different people. When I looked “inspiration” up in the dictionary for clarification, it is listed as meaning, “the act or power of moving the intellect or emotions.” But just beneath it, the word “inspire” means “to influence or […]

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