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Reality Is What It Is, Not What You Believe It To Be

Reality is what it is, regardless of what you (or I) believe it to be. Of course personal and collective beliefs shape our experience of reality, but it doesn’t change reality itself

Yet we are socialized to think that our opinions and beliefs reflect reality, as if our beliefs determine reality.

So then, when you change a belief or opinion, does reality itself change?

Um, that would be a big NO. But changing a belief, opinion or mindset can certainly change your experience of reality, because it changes how you interpret and experience yourself, your relationships, the world and the glorious drama of life.

Reality itself is its own thing, follows its own rules and as a whole is much, much larger and more complex than we humans can comprehend.

What would happen if, instead of assuming that reality operated as you believe it does, you let go of those assumptions and engaged reality for what it is in each unfolding moment?

What might change? Give it a try and let me know, because I’m exploring this too.

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