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Kristine Madera Coach

I always joke that Amway saved my life—not the soap. When I was ten or eleven, my parents joined Amway and started bringing home tapes (yes tapes, it was THAT long ago!) by people like Zig Ziglar and I learned about the magic of the subconscious mind to transform my life.

It was like getting a magic wand

It’s hard to overstate my excitement at learning not just that I could change the things in my life I didn’t like, but how to make those changes—by shifting the default programs in my subconscious mind.

It kind of became an obsession. Perfecting the art of personal transformation cycled through a variety of expressions: mind-body fitness coach, bestselling meditation author, hypnotherapist, authenticity coach, wellness coach & essential oil obsessive.

Each expression took me into a different aspect of inner transformation

My “Duh” Moment

Most people don’t realize this, but inner transformation requires a lot of energy and body resources. Deconstructing well-established subconscious patterns and creating new, more helpful patterns requires disrupting neuro-connections—which takes a LOT of energy—and consistently creating new ones—which uses even MORE energy and resources.

The result is that all this inner work took a toll on my physical body. I didn’t notice it for a long time. I’m blessed with good genes, I have pretty good health & exercise habits, I had what most people would consider a normal to below normal level of stress. So, it took a few decades for me to really feel the toll.

But I did. I felt fatigued, sleep was getting lighter and more interrupted, it took longer to bounce back from life stressors—all things that we think of as “normal” aging.

Because inner work is more mental & emotional than overtly physical, I’d never considered that it used up as much energy and body resources as it does. Duh.

As with most people, years of pushing beyond what I now call the “Regeneration Zone” had gotten me far enough out of balance that I was having symptoms that alarmed me.

Stress relief

Preferring natural interventions, I went to an acupuncturist, who sat me down and said, “It’s weird. You LOOK really healthy, but you have, like, no chi. Zero. I'm not sure how you're even alive.” No chi is like no life force, no vitality, a kickstart to chronic illness and the low road of decline.

Self-Care as Savior

Like a lot of people when they get a wake-up call, I started making changes. I reworked my business to decrease stress, I reduced the number of fitness classes I taught to allow my body more rest and recuperation, I improved my diet and diligently followed a plan to restore my health and vitality.

Three years later, I was feeling good. Healthy. My chi was rising, life was more balanced and I thought I’d restored my health.

Discovering the Regeneration Zone

So, it was in a state of pretty good health that I discovered dōTERRA, most known for their top-quality, pure, potent essential oils, and they also make an exceptional line of nutritional supplements.

I was skeptical that the oils and supplements could do more than the high-level supplements I had been taking, but I dove in with a daily oil and supplement protocol.

 Within a few weeks I noticed that not only did I have more energy and an enhanced sense of well-being, but other things began to shift as well. Speaking opportunities that I had been after suddenly fell into my lap. New clients began to call me out of the blue. Money started coming to me in strange (but amazing) ways. The only thing that had changed was that I had added the oils and supplements.

melaleuca self care

The Seed of the Regeneration Zone was Born

What I realized over time was that the years of self-care to get my chi back had helped me get back to what I thought of as health, to decrease the energy units I used each day by changing my schedule and decreasing stress, and to be able to better manage and utilize the body resources I had. But it kept me in a status quo that supported my health reasonably well, but didn’t go beyond that to support the kind of vitality that I needed for more success.

Adding these new resources moved me into the beginning of that vitality, and it has only improved from there.

I’ve tweaked my approach over the last few years and worked with lots of people on increasing their health and vitality. The result is the Empowered Self-Care Program to help people create a Regeneration Zone lifestyle, and the Empowered Self-Love Program to help people create a Regeneration Zone mindset—because you need both to make your Regeneration Zone your new normal.

Would you like to live in YOUR Regeneration Zone so that you can stay healthy and vital your entire life, truly love yourself and live from your inner wisdom, and have the energy and vitality to create the success or the life that you want (and the health to sustain and enjoy it!)?

It all starts with a conversation. Schedule a time below, or if there are no times available, use this contact form to send me some that work for you.

I’m looking forward to talking and helping you live in your Regeneration Zone

Follow your heart...It knows the way