God in Drag: A Novel

Varanasi, India 1998

Varanasi is the City of Light. Created by the fiery Hindu god Shiva, Varanasi is so holy it wipes clean the karma of those who surrender to her embrace. Varanasi is also the last known location of Raj, the guru stepfather who abandoned Micah Connerly and his mother at a California commune twenty years ago.

Raj taught Micah two things before he left. First, everything is an illusion. Second, we choose our illusions. After his life falls apart, Micah flees to India to search out Raj and sort through the wreckage.

On his way to confront a recalcitrant ashram priest who holds the key to Raj’s whereabouts, Micah helps an injured man. This noble act imperils Micah’s life. In exchange for medical treatment, Micah volunteers at a Varanasi hospice and becomes embroiled in the lives of his fellow volunteers, including the enigmatic Kate, whose broken heart Micah longs to repair.

Micah’s ongoing search reawakens the philosophies Raj taught him as a child, even as it puts him on a collision course with a local thug. Through it all, Micah tangles with the conflicting faces of Shiva, a fickle god who might tear your arm off one moment and smother you with blessings the next. Shiva is ever on the lookout for selfless souls to assist, and he’s turned his benevolent eyes toward Micah.

Will it be enough?

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