Self-love is our natural state.

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​Welcome to the​ Journey of Self Love ...

Self Love is the experience and expression of being connected to our essence—the spiritual core that connects us to one another, to the world, to the Divine and the entire universe.

For me, self-love has been a siren song, an exquisitely painful journey of pulling the scabs off entrenched wounds as well as the deeply soothing balm that healed the rawness beneath.

Narcissism diminishes and dehumanizes others to elevate the self; it is a path of domination to compensate for deep feelings of unworthiness. Self-love, in contrast, helps you acknowledge and honor the value of each person, even those you dislike or disagree with.

The journey of self-love, for me, has been a slowly dawning awareness that the more able I was to love myself, the more fully I was able to love others. The better I was able to accept and forgive myself, the easier it was to accept and forgive others. The better I attended to my physical body, emotional well-being and spiritual connection, the better I became at supporting these in others, even if they walked a different path than mine.

Self-love, I realized, is a path of service.

One day my acupuncturist said that my ordinary vessels and channels were nourished and she was going to do an extraordinary vessel treatment. After that luscious treatment, I researched what she had said so I could understand what it meant, and I found this beautiful passage:

“It is said that when the rain pours down from Heaven, the ditches (Network Vessels) and reservoirs (Channels) become full, and that when they become full, the surplus then flows in to the Extra Channels (extraordinary vessels). This surplus then pours into the deep lakes.”

Self-love works the same way. When you have filled your body and life with love, it spills over into your relationships, your family, your community and the world.

I know from my own experience the barren wasteland of self-denial, self-contempt and feeling separated from Source. I also know that trying to serve the world from this state further parches body, mind & soul.

Self-love is an ongoing exploration for me, taking me further into the mystery at the depths of a bottomless lake that will to be a reservoir that nurtures others.

Simply, Naturally You is a place to share that exploration, and, hopefully, be a source of nourishment and inspiration to those who will to explore and deepen their own self-love, and especially those who will to use self-love as a path of service to fill the inner reservoirs and deep lakes of your body, mind and spirit so that you have a steady surplus that flows from you to support your family and your community, and the world.

​Welcome Home!