The Power of a Conversation

Conversations can shift energy and energy can shift consciousness—in an instant

In CONVERSATIONS from the EDGE, I talk with amazing people who provide high quality conversations and personal work with clients.

If deep personal shifting support is what you are looking for, I encourage you to explore the bios of my guests and listen to our conversations to see who you most resonate with and who your inner wisdom is guiding you toward.

Then reach out to them ~ action is critical to creating the shift and life you desire!

When to Work With Me

1) My unique gift is to hear, through conversation, what your infinite self is expressing through you and/or to you. These conversations bring forth the clarity and insight you need to take the next (and often the next several) steps toward the awareness,  transformation or transition your inner wisdom is calling you into.

These clarifying conversations can help bring to focus a personal path or purpose,  your business focus, niché and offerings and/or to expand your business in some way, or help you see a relationship or situation with the clarity of your infinite self. .

2) Once we identify what your infinite self is communicating, if you choose to, we can continue your clarifying exploration with the many tools in my toolbox (including various forms of energy shifting, guided visualizations, hypnotherapy and more) to help you expand into the possibility your infinite self is inviting your into, and integrate it into your life and/or business.

3) Each client and conversation is unique, so I don’t have a set program or package to fit you into. We start with a short intro conversation and go from there. Most clients work with me for one, three to five sessions, and some for longer depending on the client’s desires, and the transition or project.

4) If you would like to have an initial conversation, use the form below to email me with the requested information and I’ll be in touch soon.

Other Conversations

Invite me to be a your guest…If you would like to talk about booking me for your podcast, summit, radio show, retreat, etc. please email me using the form below with the relevant details and we’ll set a time to talk.

If you would like to be a podcast guest…If you feel your perspective or area of exploration is a great fit for CONVERSATIONS from the EDGE and you would like to explore that. As a rule, I do not do one-offs or promotional podcasts, but I am open to new ongoing guests or doing a limited series on a topic that expands the edge of consciousness. Please use the form below to email me and tell me about yourself and why you would be a good fit. I’ll be in touch and we’ll set up a time to talk.


After several years of struggling and muddling our way through explaining what we do, one hour with Kristine Madera and we not only have a new tagline but, a complete and concise structure of how we talk about facilitating our clients through different levels of care. The information was always there, she just helped us peel away all the layers to see the gems hiding underneath. Thank you doesn’t begin to cover our gratitude and excitement.

Alithea AngelHeart Gailliot

Mind the Body Therapies

Email Me Using The Form Below

Please use the form below to let me know 1) A little about you and your purpose for talking with me; 2) Your time zone and phone/WhatApp number

Thanks for connecting! I look forward to hearing from you.

8 + 8 =

You know that rare person who consistently educates & empowers those around her with grace and ease? That sums up my experience of Kristine. She is genuine, growth-oriented, heart-connected, insightful and generous. Every conversation or professional collaboration with Kristine has led me into a place of increased possibility and expanded wisdom/heart-knowing. Kristine dives beyond superficial basics, and leads you on a deeper journey of what’s possible when you tune in to the depths and wisdom within.

Terra Vita Weaver

Travel Well, Live Well

Kristine has a deep intuitive and intellectual grasp on complex information and is able to deliver soul level consciousness with her unique brand of valuable insight and grace.

If you’re drawn to a new perspective on your life’s purpose, please gift yourself with Kristine’s beautiful support and wise, joy filled guidance!

Melanie McCloskey

Life & Solopreneur Coach

I am SO grateful for YOU and our excellent call today!!! Thank you for your generosity in so many ways!!!

I am excited to jump off my hampster wheel and get on my path! WooHoo!!!!!

Rose Vieira

Event Horizons Photography