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Douglas Fir & the Social Lives of Plants 

​Mother Trees Nurture Their Young

We’ve been trained in Western Society to look only at the surface of things—like that plants are botanical organisms that may respond to their environment but that lack consciousness.

This documentary (I LOVE documentaries!) pulls you from this surface observation into the dances, conversations, fights and all out wars that plants have with one another.

I have to say that I like to think of plants as getting along in an evolved symbiosis since they have had so much time on this planet to co-evolve, but plants have wars. That’s a little disturbing to me on one level. On another level, it challenges my happy view that as we evolve we play nicer with one another. Hmmmm…another preconception contested what else is new!

Plants care for their siblings—and know who they are. 

Plants also, at least in the case of Douglas Fir, mother their young.

They do this in cooperation with the vast network of fungi beneath the forest floor. This captured my imagination because fungi as a species are amazing as well as profound teachers when you tune in. Also, I have (and love) Douglas Fir Essential Oil.

There are three ways to experience with essential oils:

Using: For example, when you have a headache and use the pain-relieving qualities of peppermint to relieve the pain.

Interacting: For example, as you get to know your oils, you generally begin to consciously or unconsciously tune in to what you need for support. Or as you spend time with an oil, you invite yourself and the oil to experience one another and establish a working relationship.

Co-Evolving: This is when you invite an oil to take the lead in direct experience and invite it to help you evolve a quality or aspect of yourself. In my view, this is co-evolution...

You evolve because of your interaction with the oil, and the plant, though the oil, evolves by expressing its magic through you.

You can play anywhere you like on this continuum, and the results you get with your plant essences (essential oils) will vary based on what you bring to the experience. Sometimes it’s relieving a headache, sometimes it is unearthing and resolving an inner conflict that caused the headache, and sometimes it is inviting the essence to open you to a new awareness of how to be in the world, or opens you to a potential that you had not previously experienced as possible for you.

​Co-evolution, in my experience, opens up potentialities for both you and the plant. The plant’s essence expresses through you in a unique way that evolves the expression of the plant. As your essence receives the plant essence, you expand into a greater expression of you. Beautiful!

Back to Doug Fir, or Doug, as I like to call it. Doug has both masculine and feminine properties in the tree and is a rich example of intersex expression in nature. Doug trees can live for up to 1000 years and can grow as tall as 300 feet. Baby trees have little sunlight and therefor carbon. The mother trees draw sunlight and carbon into its root system and the network of fungi spread it from the mother tree into the network and to other trees—with the bulk of it going to baby trees.

Co-evolution with a plant essence is highly personal

I like expressive movement myself.

So I drew in the aroma of my Douglas Fir oil several times, and put some on my heart and in my belly-button (because those were the places I intuited), then put on some plant music (yup, plants play music. I used this: and did slow, expressive dance with the intention of inviting the mothering aspect of Doug to express through me and expand me into a greater experience of what it means to nurture.

I could also have danced with the intention of integrating masculine and feminine energies within me—and I will. For me, however, one intention at a time has been most powerful.

A few hours later, I am still pulsating with Doug’s mother energy and the glow of connecting with such a powerful essence.

NOTE: in the US, essential oils are very loosely regulated, and a bottle of “essential oil” can contain only a tiny bit of true essence and lots of carrier oil (as well as additives and synthetics, even if it’s labeled “organic”) If you want top quality essential oils that are all essence and brimming with life force, you can order direct here or schedule a consultation with me here.

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