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The Ultimate Self-Hypnosis System

Three Steps & a Hack to Change Your Mind, Beliefs & Life with Ease

You can’t change your reality without also changing your model of reality, which is why many self-hypnosis, self-development or other self-change programs don’t get lasting results. 

Humans are conceptual beings, meaning that we live from conceptual models of reality rather than reality itself. Our brains construct our unique model of reality about self and the world from birth—or even before. This model includes the values, beliefs, models of self, relationships, success, the world, and so on, mirrored by the people and environment around us. These learned model fire and wire together for years in the brain and nervous system to create well-worn grooves, or patterns of thought, emotion and expectation, that you live from, almost invisibly, until you choose to (or are forced to) consider another model. 

That’s why, even though we all live in the same physical world, someone born and raised in rural Bangladesh, or urban San Francisco, or the Amazon jungle, have such different models of how reality an the world does, and should, work. 

Whatever your learned model, your subconscious mind holds the model in place by automatically and constantly searches out “evidence”that validates your model of self and reality as true, and screens out anything that doesn’t fit your model.

You can hack this in-built reality-validation function to challenge and change the “evidence” that your subconscious seeks out. This lets you change your mindset, beliefs and life in a way that also changes your model of reality, so that your desired changes become a permanent and natural expression of you in a reality that validates this new you. 

The Ultimate Self-Hypnosis System uses three simple steps to hack your brain’s built-in truth validation system so that you can create the change you desire. YOU can DIY it with the three steps below or use my free  Ultimate Self-Hypnosis System mini-course which goes into more detail with the process and steps, and includes a downloadable recording that guides you through the three steps.

Step One: Identify The Mindset, Belief or Model You Desire To Change


It’s brave to change your reality. It’s also scary, meaning that your body usually reacts with a fear based emotion like terror, resistance, anger, guilt, shame, etc. This happens because reality forming mindsets and beliefs come from the combination of an idea or thought pattern backed up with the emotional juice or rightness.wrongness or goodness/badness, or other emotional judgments held by those you learned the model from. The matrix that holds your learned reality in place can be so strong that, even in the face of highly challenging evidence disproving your belief, mindset or model, the firing and wiring that hold your reality in place still makes your belief, mindset or reality model feel emotionally true. 

Emotional truth has a powerful gravitational pull that keeps you living out a learned idea or value, even if you can see that it isn’t objectively true, like the idea that hard work equals success. Sure, some people who work hard do succeed, but in reality plenty of people who work really hard their whole lives never do, and some people have the fruits of success without working at all. 

These belief or mindset matrixes can be quite deep, invisibly guiding us from way behind the scenes. The example belief used in the  Ultimate Self-Hypnosis System example is based on a quote by Albert Einstein, who said that the most fundamental decision you make is whether or not you live in a friendly universe.

This core mindset determines whether you generally feel loved, supported and protected, or alone, oppressed, or victimized. You can imagine how a single situation like losing a job might be experienced from either core belief—an invitation or opportunity by a friendly universe, or proof of your worthlessness and the unfairness of life by an unfriendly one. 

Chances are that you can look at your past and present experience, as well as out in the world and find “evidence” of both a friendly and an unfriendly universe. You probably also have a general orientation toward one or the other—and you pay more attention to the evidence that supports your invisible orientation.  

Step One is to illuminate a belief, mindset or model that you would like to shift, and then to look at the evidence that your subconscious uses to validate that belief, mindset or model. This makes the invisible reality programming more visible.  

Using our example, look in your past, present and out in the world only for evidence that the universe is unfriendly, that life is hard, or unfair, or that you need to fight for everything you want.  

Are there other thoughts, feelings, emotions, mindsets and so on are integrated into this model of reality? (I can’t get ahead because nothing works out for me, for example.)

How do you experience this truth in your life in a way that limits you?

What are the structures out in the world (the economic system, the education system, the justice system etc.) that “prove” this truth?

How do you feel this belief in your body? Where do you feel it? How intense—how “true” does it feel? 

Now that you are aware of how this model works in you, imagine that this belief or model, and the emotions that support it, are  an ice cube in your body, frozen in place at the moment, but in ice cube that can melt. 

Ask yourself if you are open to another understanding of reality. 

In the subconscious mind, everything is connected, and a shift in one dynamic or belief will ripple through other parts of your life as well. So if you are open to a new understanding of reality, are you also open to another experience of reality? 

You don’t have to be at 100%, but this works best if you have at least some willingness, even it is simply a willingness to give a new reality a try as an experiment. 

The elements of Step One: 

1) Identify the belief, mindset or model you want to shift. 

2) Look to your past, present and out in the world for lots of evidence to illuminate the hidden validation your subconscious uses to hold your reality in place 

3) Feel the intensity of this belief and reality in your body.

4) Imagine this belief and reality as an ice cube frozen in your body.

5) Rate how willing you are to experience another reality

If you don’t have something you want to work on, plenty of people use the Ultimate Self-Hypnosis System to shift from the model of a less-friendly universe to a more-friendly one. This single shift can positively ripple through your life in myriad ways. 

Step Two: Deconstruct Your Current Model With Contrary Evidence

Is it really true? 

Simply asking yourself that question and taking an honest, rather than a reactive, assessment can feel so physiologically threatening that it causes a racing heart or cold sweats. That’s because our models of reality have so many layers of “evidence” and emotional truth that to challenge them can feel as physically perilous as a encountering coiled rattlesnake. 

This is normal. 

Because we are conceptual beings, our conceptual truth feels as real as our physical body and world. When our physical self is threatened, the fight/flight mechanism kicks in. Same happens when a new idea or model threatens an emotional truth. 

The good news is that your subconscious is willing to go along with conceptual change, as long as you lead it by the hand, give it lots of assurance that you are safe, and lots of evidence that what you are letting go of is not always true, and that the new model you are adopting is backed with proof. 

The other good news is that our human collective conceptual world contains all kinds of perspectives, structures and experiences to serve as evidence. Truly, there is evidence for anything and everything—if you look for it. (A cautionary note that this works both ways—we are habituated to find evidence validating emotional truths that increase anger, victimization, fear, etc.) 

The other, other good news is that as you consciously seek out evidence that disrupts and challenges the emotional truth, belief or model you want to change, your subconscious softens its position on the original model. The subconscious inbuilt validation function will still seek out evidence of the old belief, but with less intensity, and more openness to other possibilities. 

Recall the evidence you found for an unfriendly universe. Now, look for new evidence that shows your subconscious that you old model is not always true, pointing it out to your subconscious like you would ducks on a pond to a two-year-old. You might remember a time when you had fallen off your bike and skinned your knee and a friendly neighbor helped you get home. Or a time when you were looking for a new job and just “happened” to meet someone hiring for the perfect position while standing in line for coffee. You might see a story on the news where people from around the world banded together to help a country or person in need. 

Ponder this evidence as you feel and imagine the ice cube from Step One melting, and the meltwater flowing down a drain and out of your body.

This combination of imagery and emotional feeling combined with consciously pondering new possibilities gets the conscious and subconscious working together to disrupt the old model and create the reality shift you desire. 

The elements of Step Two:

1) Look for evidence that disrupts the belief or model you want to let go of. Search for this evidence in your past and present life as well as out in the world. Keep finding evidence until you feel the intensity of the original belief or model soften. 

2) Feel and imagine this evidence melting the ice cube in Step One, and imagine the meltwater flowing down a drain and out of your body.

3) Check in with how possible it feels to open to a new reality now.

Step Three: Cultivate A New, Empowering Belief or Model

In this step you actively build a new idea/thought/emotional truth, as well as a new model of reality, supported by new evidence, thoughts, emotions and actions. 

In the example, the new model would be the belief in a friendly universe. Whatever the belief or mindset you want to cultivate, choose something that feels open, expansive and filled with possibility. 

Ponder the possibility of a friendly universe—how does that change your current model of reality. What kind of a world would that be if it were true?

Then look into your past, present and out into the world for evidence that this is true at least some of the time, or proof that this is possible. As you look and find evidence, feel how this new evidence flows in your body and opens possibility in thinking and feeling. The more visceral your body chemistry response it to positive possibility, the easier it is for your subconscious to believe your new, chosen reality, because you are using multiple subconscious languages simultaneously (see this blog post for more on how subconscious languages work.)

Once you are feeling this new reality as strongly as you can, imagine that this new evidence melts any last little bit of the ice cube all the way gone. Then feel and imagine the space where the ice had once been filling completely with a thick golden liquid, like honey infused with sunlight. 

Your new evidence, feeling, and the imagery of replacing the ice cube with warm golden honey strongly signals your subconscious to shift from your old reality to the new one you desire. 

Use your conscious mind to support your reality transformation by consistently seeking out and recognizing evidence of a friendly universe as much as you can, and also by breaking the habits of your old reality, and reinforcing the new, with new thoughts, emotions and actions. 

In the example of a friendly universe, a new thought might be. “Wow, the universe really is friendly” each time you evidence of it. A new emotion might be daily gratitude for all the ways you recognize a friendly universe in your life that day. A new action might be to smile and ask store clerks how their day is and paying them a heartfelt compliment or thanks for their work. 

Yes, there is a little reality massage in Step Three, but this is how you train your subconscious that you want to shift reality, and what you want to shift it to. The more you train your subconscious to adopt and validate this reality, the faster it will make the shift and the more you will see your life experience changing to reflect your chosen reality. 

 Once your subconscious mind is actively seeking out this evidence to support your new reality most of the time, and dismisses evidence of your old emotional truth most of the time, you have successfully shifted your core reality to your new desired state, and you will start to see more and more of your life experiences reflect this new reality. 

The elements of Step Three:

1) Choose an empowering belief to replace the one you are letting go, for example: The universe is a friendly place. 

2) Look for evidence that supports this new belief or model. Search for this evidence in your past and present life as well as out in the world. Keep finding evidence so that this new belief or model feels more and more possible and true. 

3) Use this new evidence and the feeling attached to it melt any last little bit of the ice cube, then imagine the space that the ice cube had once been filling completely with a thick golden liquid, like honey infused with sunlight. 

4) Reinforce your new reality by continuing to seek out evidence, and adopting new thoughts, emotions and actions to break the habit of your old reality and to support the reality you choose. 

5) Keep doing this until your subconscious reality-validation function has fully adopted your new reality and is seeing out evidence to support it consistently as your natural experience. 

Making the Process Faster and Easier


DIY is great, but you can speed up the process by using the free Ultimate Self-Hypnosis System. It includes a step-by-step guide and videos, as well as a downloadable mp3 the guides you through the process so that you can relax and shift faster and deeper than on your own. The guided version includes the example of a friendly universe (some people use it just for that) as well as a guided section for you to work with your chosen reality.

Did I mention that it’s free?

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