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Rapid Somatic Hypnotherapy

Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power.” ~Lao Tsu

In our world of fast-paced change, having outdated patterns, limiting beliefs and chronic tension keeps you from operating at your best—your best health, your best life, and your best self.

The problem isn’t that you are weak, wishy-washy or don’t know what you want.

The problem is that your subconscious mind is much more powerful than your conscious mind. In the tug of war between your conscious desires for your best life, and the multiple layers of subconscious beliefs, patterns and fears that hold you back, your subconscious will always win in the long run.

The reason so many approaches to permanent, positive change fall short is that they focus on using the conscious mind to create change, when over 90% of behavior is driven by the subconscious mind.

Consider this: The conscious mind can only process abut 4000 bytes of information per second. The subconscious mind?—4 million bytes per second.

Using conscious-mind strategies to make lasting change is like trying to win a Nascar race with a Model T. 

How to Work Directly with the Subconscious Mind

“Our clients have lost rapport with their unconscious mind. Our job is to help restore that relationship.” ~Milton Erickson, Psychiatrist & Hypnotist

The conscious and subconscious minds operate in different brain-wave states, speak different languages, and have different values, so it’s very difficult to use your own conscious mind to change patterns in the subconscious. 

When you have a guide to help facilitate conscious and subconscious communication, change can be swift and simpler than you may think. This is because the subconscious is also the seat of your inner wisdom, your subtle knowing, and the energy of all possibility. 

As a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. I facilitate this shift in partnership with you, by helping you harmonize your conscious desires with the vast power and energy of your inner wisdom, and then shift the subconscious limitations that are in the way. Without aligning your conscious desires with your inner wisdom, any change would be more of a step sideways than a step forward.

Rapid Somatic Hypnotherapy

“Since most problems are created by our imagination and are thus imaginary, all we need are imaginary solutions.” ~Richard Bandler, co-creator of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Rapid Somatic Hypnotherapy is what I call my approach to fast, body-based re-patterning. It uses your inner wisdom to set a new trajetory and to release old tensions, blocks, beliefs and patterns from the body, and to recalibrate your whole system to a higher level of functioning—body, mind and spirit.

This approach works because we use the slower, subconscious brainwave states used in hypnotherapy to release blocks and open up new energy flow at the body—the somatic level. Because the subconscious mind lives in your entire body, change at the body level ripples through your whole mind, your whole body, and your whole life, for rapid results.

What Results Can I Expect?

“All problems in life are problem trances, and all solutions are solution trances.” ~Igor Ledochowski, master hypnotist & co-founder of the Hypnosis Training Academy

While each session and each person are unique, you can generally expect progress on your issue as well as some “side benefits.”

Because head, heart, mind, body and spirit are all connected, clients also often experience benefits like reduced stress levels; relief from aches, pains and other physical issues; new awareness, insight and clarity even in areas we haven’t directly worked with; an increased sense of peace and decreased anxiousness or stress; being less reactive to things that used to bother them; better sleep; an increased sense of overall well-being; more relaxed about life in general.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Started?

We starts with a 15-minute exploration call, where we get to know each other, discuss your desires and challenges, answer any questions about Rapid Somatic Hypnotherapy, and decide if we are a good fit. I don’t take new clients without this key step.

Schedule your 15 minute call here

What is hypnosis? Will I be in a trance? What does that mean?

Hypnosis is deep relaxation into the slower alpha, theta and even delta brain wave states. These brain wave states, along with the alert waking beta state, are natural brain wave states we cycle through in an average day. 

The beta brain-wave state is one you use to solve problems, make plans and other active thinking. You also enter relaxed, more trance-like states naturally throughout the day, like when falling asleep or waking, driving, daydreaming, watching a TV show or movie, listening to music, doing a hobby. Theta waves correspond to deep relaxation. Delta waves are often, but not only, the waves you have in deep sleep. Even the “flow’ state you’ve probably heard of is a sort of trance state that sharpens your focus to a single activity.

What is Hypnotherapy? Will I be asleep?

Hypnotherapy works at the deeper brain wave levels, which are slower than the brain waves of everyday waking consciousness and the thinking cognitive mind. In these deeper states you have access to information about blocks, beliefs, patterns and events that are different than your perspective at the beta thinking state level. We can resolve issues and set you on a new path of possibility in these deeper states more quickly and easily and completely than in a waking state because we are communicating directly with the subconscious, in a back-and-forth fashion, to resolve blocks and allow positive change.

These slower waves can feel like daydreaming on the faster end, to the deep relaxation that precedes sleep on the slower end. Though these states can look like trance-like or like a person is asleep from the outside, the person experiencing them is awake and highly alert, but alert at a different brain-wave state than everyday waking consciousness. Even in the deep work of the session, we are interactive, and you are always able to come back to a beta brain wave state any time you desire. In a session you may relax so deeply that many people say they feel as refreshed as after several hours of sleep.

How does a Rapid Somatic Hypnotherapy session work?

We discuss your desires and what seems to get in the way—in depth at the first session, and to check in with progress in later ones. Then we both move into a slower brain wave state and work wisdom to wisdom, which looks different for each person. However the session progresses, your inner wisdom takes the lead, reveals a path to resolution and recalibration that unwinds old patterns and blocks, and opens the flow to new possibility in the direction of your desires.

How long do Rapid Somatic Hypnotherapy sessions last?

The first session is usually 75-90 minutes because we spend more time talking before the deep work of the session begins. Later sessions last 60-75 minutes and sometimes up to 90 minutes if something is really sticky. Generally, the more sessions we do, the faster they go. I recommend that you clear two hours, however, so that you have time to be quiet and integrate the work we did before you move on to the next part of your day.

Why do you do only audio/phone and not video?

For much of the session both of us have closed eyes, and you should be in a place where you can recline and focus inward rather than outward, as with video. Plus, I “hear” what your inner wisdom is communicating much better with an audio focus, and without the distraction of video.

What kind of issues does Rapid Somatic Hypnotherapy work best for?

Because we work at the level of the body and inner wisdom, no matter what issue you bring, we work with the path to resolution that your inner wisdom brings forward. Your body holds layers of patterns, blocks and energies, and it also knows the order it needs to release them in. Because of this, having a general sense of the change you want to make and the challenges in the way is most preferable. Because the path to your highest functioning and best self are often different than the surface desire and challenge at the conscious level, being overly focused on a single specific change can slow the process. This approach can work for most any issue if the approach described resonates with you. That said, I don’t do smoking cessation, weight loss, possessions/occult, and some other highly specific issues. In our 15-minute exploratory call, we can see if you and I and the issue/s you want to work on are a good fit.

Do you do issues like smoking cessation or weight loss?

Not directly. There are some great programs that work on these issues specifically. Rapid Somatic Hypnotherapy focuses on unwinding the layers of tensions, patterns and blocks that result in behaviors like overeating and smoking. In my experience, unless you resolve the issues that cause repetitive behaviors, even if you successfully lose weight or stop smoking for a while, the underlying tensions, patterns and blocks will just result in relapse, or in another kind of repetitive behavior.

However, you can use Rapid Somatic Hypnotherapy in tandem with focused stop smoking or weight-loss programs to help resolve the underlying issues that lead to the repetitive pattern, and we can add subconscious suggestions that can make your weight loss or smoking cessation journey more successful.

What can't be, or shouldn’t be, treated with hypnotherapy?

Serious psychiatric or mental health problems should be addressed by a qualified psychotherapist or psychiatrist first. They may (or may not) advise or allow hypnotherapy as a support or stress-relief strategy in tandem with treatment. Issues like drug or other addictions, family dynamics and other disorders, clinical depression and similar problems need to be treated by doctors and/or psychiatrists, who may (or may not) prescribe hypnotherapy as a supplementary support.

Medical conditions, illnesses, disease and such should always be treated by a physician. However, hypnotherapy can be part of your overall healing strategy as a support for surgery/treatment preparation, pain control, releasing anxiety or fears related to an illness or treatment, stress relief, supporting healing through positive suggestion and more.

How many sessions does it take to resolve an issue?

In my experience, Rapid Somatic Hypnotherapy sessions work synergistically, and build upon each other. From past client experience, three sessions are optimal for making a significant shift in the direction of your desires. If your issue is multi-faceted or there are related issues that also need to be resolved, you may benefit from a few more sessions. Some people keep working with me regularly after their first three sessions for extra support during a life transition like a job change or divorce, a journey of change like being widowed or starting a business, or as a support during their or a loved one’s cancer or illness journey.

Will I lose control? Will I be programmed to do something on command? Will I forget what happened in a session?

Hollywood has really done hypnosis a disfavor by demonstrating hypnosis as something that happens to you, violates your free will, and causes you to change personality or do something out of character on command. Each person has an inbuilt critical factor or filter that keeps them from accepting suggestions or changes that they disagree with or that violates their moral or ethical standards. This protects you from making changes or accepting as true something that is unacceptable to you.

During a session you are alert and awake, but at a deeper brain wave state. Most people remember most of what happens in a session, but there are times that, while you know everything that happened in a session as it is happening, you may not recall it as clearly afterward. Like the brain wave shift from dreaming to wakefulness can make it hard to remember the details of a dream, the shift from a deeper state to a beta state can make conscious memories of a session fuzzy. 

Will I cluck like a chicken?

Stage hypnosis, where people do things like cluck or act like a particular animal are a very specialized show-style of hypnosis, and require a very willing subject, a high-level of suggestibility, and often some alcohol. You will notice in these shows that people volunteer to go onstage, so there is a part of them that wants to entertain and feels fine clucking like a chicken. You will also notice that the stage hypnotist sends some people off the stage who they think are less suggestible or willing to play along. No one can make you enter a deeper state to act silly onstage, but if you like to do that, hypnosis can make it easier for you to let go and have fun.  

If you have questons or can’t find a time on the scheduler HERE please use the form below to reach me. If you need a differnt time than the scheduler shows, please let me know your time zone and 3+ times that work and are compatable with New York/Eastern US as well as your phone/WhatApp number

Thanks for connecting! I look forward to hearing from you!

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Kristine’s work has supported me in clearing emotional, energetic and physical blocks I’ve had in place possibly for many lifetimes. It feels miraculous that in just three months to be feeling so strong and solid, feeling more freedom to express myself and receive all that life has to offer. I’m in deep gratitude.


I’ve worked with top coaches like Tony Robbins and Jack Canfield, and I can truly say that working with Kristine is a gift I encourage anyone to take. Kristine listens at an intuitive level and then revels the true conversation you’re having with your self from your soul. The self that begins to emerge and be in the world is authentic. It’s the real You. You don’t have to spend years in this process either. Working with Kristine is all you need. 

Sandra G

Kristine’s voice and methods are very soothing. My sessions not only helped me end a destructive behavior but also to address and explore many other areas I did not realize needed attention. 

Kim N.

Your low-key approach helped me investigate my subconscious in a safe, controlled way that instilled trust in the process and produced not only the desired result, but also resonated in many other aspects of my life. My heartfelt thanks.

Chris M

I had no knowledge of hypnosis or what to expect during the sessions. My main fear was being vulnerable and nor remembering the session. Kristine’s sincere guidance and compassion really put me at ease and made me feel safe and trusting during my first experience with hypnosis. I was amazed how calm and clear the memories came to me–memories I subconsciously blocked for years that I was unaware affected my choices as an adult. I have had four sessions and can honestly say thank you, Kristine, for your intuitiveness and spiritual gifts, and for helping me acknowledge, release and even appreciate the burdens that were holding me back from a lifetime of happiness and fulfillment

Sherry C

Kristine, thank you for the awesome work you did with me. From the first visit I really felt it was the right thing for my body at this time and I so appreciate all the tools you gave me and the time you spent with me. Thank you for helping me move through this.


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