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Regeneration is Like a Magic “Anti-Aging” Wand

Most people are happy to hang out at "normal" and use self-care as a way to get “back on track”  when they feel their health, vitality or energy slipping away.

The problem is that “normal” isn’t necessarily healthy, it’s just what you are used to.

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The myth of modern medicine is that an absence of symptoms is health. But have you heard that commercial that says that for 80% of people the first symptom of a stroke is a stroke? By the time a “symptom” shows itself, you can be pretty far out of balance.

Getting off balance starts silently, usually when you're young and don’t realize that each time you push yourself too far, you  use up more resources than your habits and your body naturally regenerate. You slowly tax your long-term health to serve your short-term needs.

So Then, What is Balance?

Imagine that the energy units that your habits and body naturally re-generate each day are 100 units. If you use 100 units of energy a day and get them back naturally, then you are in balance.

However, the energy your body uses just staying alive ranges between 60-80 units. Add to that 10-40 units to do all you need to do in a day to manage your work, relationships and so on. Add another 10-40 units of emotional energy, including emotional stress, and you can see how using over 100 energy units a day is easy.

This chronic overuse of your body’s resources silently sucks away at your vitality. Often for years. Culminating in what we consider “age-related” issues like:

  • Chronic illness including diabetes or heart disease
  • Stress-related issues like high blood pressure and IBS
  • Low-level ingoing irritations like digestive or sleep issues

We call them “aging” and the medical industry makes us believe that we need to “manage” the symptoms of aging with medication, but the best medicine you have to stay healthy and vital is already inside your body.

In fact, it is your body.

Your Body is Designed to Repair and Regenerate Itself

Your body is capable of repair and regenerate itself. Every 120 days you have all new red blood cells, Every seven years you have an entirely new body.

So if we're always rebuilding, then why do we age? 

The short answer is that our modern lifestyle constantly pushes us beyond our body's natural regeneration zone, often WAY over your 100 energy units day after day.

There is a magic number of regeneration that allows your body to regenerate its daily vitality AND:

  • Repair damage from years of pushing yourself over 100
  • Have the extra energy to push for a dream or goal without burning out
  • Increase your sense of well-being
  • smile-o
    Help shift chronic illness & imbalance back toward health
  • smile-o
    Turn back the clock and turn on your body’s amazing self-healing abilities

That magic number varies for everyone, but for most people a good target is 90

The Magic of 90

When you top your energy usage per day at 90, then your body is regenerating ALL the energy you used that day AND you have ten extra energy units to do things like:

Stretch for a big new goal—without burning out!

Rebuild health after months or years of pushing yourself over your 100!

Enhance well-being and general health!  

The "Normal" Cycle of Degeneration

Most people stay in their Comfort Zone, where they may have some annoyances like intermittent sleep issues or occasional digestive distress, and health isn't a high priority because they are mostly symptom-free. Because our bodies are amazing bio-dynanic beings, this can go on for years as we slowly overuse our stored resources--stealing resources from our bones and other long-term storage areas--until they are out of balance enough, their bodies have degenerated enough, that they start getting symptoms.

Frankly, by the time you start getting symptoms, you are pretty out of balance. It's at this point that most people add self-care to their life in an effort to get back to "normal." But at this point it's usually a slow slide toward what we consider "normal" aging and degeneration.  

It doesn't have to be this way. Our bodies are capable of self-regeneration and maintaining wellness all through our lives when we learn to use self-care proactively, what I call Empowered Self-Care

When you use self-care in a proactive way, focusing on a few key areas, you can do two critical things:

         1) You can increase your body's resources so that you replenish more easily and create a higher level of health.

         2) You can decrease the energy your body uses so that you lower the number of energy units you need each day

This is easier than you think. Your body is amazing, and when you optimize it with empowered self care, you can do MUCH more with 90 thriving units than you can when you stress yourself at 150 units. 

The Empowered Self Care Program helps you get to your PERSONAL 90—because 90 looks different for everyone.

Would you like to...

+ Increase your body’s resources so that you can live a full, fun life while still staying at your 90 ?

+ Decrease your body’s energy usage so that you live a full-spectrum life while reducing the stress & effort that push you past your 100 ?

+ Create a Regeneration Lifestyle that promotes health, vitality and self-love ?

+ Develop wellness habits that make Regeneration your joyful new "normal" ?

+ Integrate top-quality products that support Regeneration in all areas of your life ?

If you said YES, then check out my Empowered Self-Care Program!

In the 90-Day Empowered Self-Care Program, you get:

  • Personal Wellness Coaching to assess your strengths & needs
  • Top-quality support products, including dōTERRA essential oils  
  • A Customized Daily Protocol to support your health & goals
  • A Personalized Self-Care Acceleration Plan that fits your lifestyle & goals
  • Ongoing support for as long as you choose to stay active in the program 

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