How Can a Private Conversation with Me Help You? 

Conversations can shift energy and energy can shift consciousness—in an instant.

Your infinite self is always inviting you into a greater experience of what is possible for you. These show up as desires, inspirations and those wild flashes of insight that feel oh so real in the moment but can be hard to hold on to.

A conversation with me can help you see and embrace the possibility your higher/infinite self is inviting you into, so that you can be your most conscious, empowered self and create a new experience of you and your life that resonates with your highest truth and possibility.   

How? First, our conversation takes place in the Akashic field of all possibility ~ so we are open to more than either of us could imagine ourselves.

Then, as we talk, I “hear” what your higher/infinite self is communicating beneath the words of our conversation and reflect back to you the new ideas, perspectives and energies your infinite self wants you to know.

We weave these new perspectives and energies into the circumstances of your life to help you live at a higher and more conscious and fulfilling level—on one focused area, or in all, depending on your desire.

Each conversation is unique and may include various kinds of energy work, imagery and other things as is appropriate and comfortable for you and aligned with bringing through your infinite self.

I am SO grateful for YOU and our excellent call today!!! Thank you for your generosity in so many ways!!! I am excited to jump off my hampster wheel and get on my path! WooHoo!!!!!

Rose Vieira

Three Ways to Talk

Deep Dive

Three 60-minute recorded conversations with me to unwind what is no longer working for you and call in the energies and awarenesses you need to live in harmony with your deepest calling & desires.

Includes Soul Profile & Clearing so that we can align your life at the highest and deepest levels.

Each conversation will include suggested commands for you to work with between session (based on the EXPAND Your EDGE course, which you can access HERE)


Soul Sync & Conversation

Our 60-minute “capstone” conversation brings insight, clarity & a plan for forward motion after your Soul Sync Reading & Clearing.

Through this process, you will discover your Soul’s gifts, focus, vibration & any special influences on your life at this time, as well as additional insight on the desire, challenge or question of most interest to you.

In addition to clearing any current Soul-level blocks, you’ll also receive customized commands to deepen your Soul Sync (based on the EXPAND Your EDGE course, which you can access HERE)


More Details & Book Your Soul Sync Conversation HERE

Single Shift

In a single 60-minute recorded conversation we focus on the most pressing question or desire in your life and bring through the awareness and information you need to hear right now.

This is perfect to help clarify a direction or shift, or to tweak your energy, awareness understanding or direction.

You’ll also receive customized commands to continue exploration on your own (based on the EXPAND Your EDGE course, which you can access HERE)


If you would like a 15-Minute Connection Chat to help you choose your best option, you may schedule that HERE 

Just Amazing!

My journey with Kristine has been amazing! I feel like I’ve found my true self, and each conversation reveals even more and helps me feel more connection to my inner truth. I feel more empowered in my relationships, I’ve lost 125 lbs, and I’ve even changed jobs because I know that I deserve to have a life I love and enjoy right now. Thank You!

Christine Justice