Discover Your Life Purpose

with an Akashic Records Life Purpose Reading!

When it comes to knowing or living your life purpose, do you feel like a toy boat bobbing in a storm?  If so, you’re not alone.

With so much change, uncertainty and demands on time and energy these days, it’s hard to find the focus to balance your checkbook much less figure out how to live a purposeful, fulfilling life.

Yet, without a sense of purpose, relationships, career and even daily life can feel empty and flat.

Being unclear or off-base about your purpose can manifest as much more than a lack of fulfillment. You may feel stuck around career, relationships, health or money. You might relive the same old dramas or emotional turmoils again and again. You can be repeating old family, relationship, money, health or other patterns that get you nowhere—yet seem impossible to shift. 

Wouldn’t it be terrific to have an inside track on knowing why you are here & what you are here to do? Wouldn't be amazing to experience...

Connecting with who you are on a Soul level?

Understanding the big life lessons you are here to explore?

Knowing where your hidden blocks are at the spiritual level? 

—And be able to set yourself free so that you can move forward with clarity and confidence!

You Can!

Your Akashic Record is a database in the Akashic field that documents your Soul’s journey from origin to the present moment. 

Your Akashic Record reveals:

  • Your Soul’s Frequency & what it is here to explore and share through you
  • Your Soul Gifts available to you that can help you live your true purpose
  • The innate challenges you face in this life and what you need to learn to conquer them
  • The specific purpose you are here to contribute to—and how
  • Your primary life lessons and the areas of life you can best learn them
  • Your intuitive and empathic gifts & abilities
  • Special clarity on the one area most challenging to you

Plus, uncover any blocks at the Soul level that may be holding you back—and how to clear them

You can do the study and make the effort to access your Akashic Record, or a guide like me can access them on your behalf. With the information you learn, you can: 

Shift from confusion to clarity about your life path 

* Release Soul Level blocks to love, success, health, and more 

* Apply your life purpose to your life, relationship, career, etc. right now 

* Connect with your Soul Self & understand the magnificent depth of being you are

*Understand how to move forward in your life in a Soul-Aligned way

 Access All this in an Akashic Records Life Purpose Reading!


A recent Life Purpose Akashic Record Reading with Kristine provided new insights relevant to my current business path as well as new possibilities to consider for the future. I especially appreciated the customized practical wellness protocols that Kristine suggested as support for integrating my Soul's higher purpose more intentionally and more consistently into my daily life journey. 

~Terra Weaver, Travel Well Live Well

For just $297 you will get:

  • A 90 minute distance reading of your Akashic Record (which I do before our call)
  • A customized clearing of your blocks and restrictions
  • A 60-75 minute phone call for our reading
  • A written meditative clearing process to eliminate blocks emailed to you after our call
  • If desired, and the tech fairies cooperate, you’ll also receive an mp3 recording of our call

Are you ready?  Great!  Here’s what to do!

1) Place your order via Paypal HERE  In your PayPal order, under special instructions, provide the following details:

Your Current Name in Full
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Your location and time zone & phone number, as well as the best times/days for our call
Description (optional) – please state the 1-2 life areas you are facing the biggest challenge in. No lengthy descriptions please. (If I have questions based on initial findings, I will contact you.)

If you forget to do all this—or can’t do this—in Paypal, or if you don't get an email confirmation within three days, then please email me the information at

2) Receive Email Confirmation

After successfully placing an order, you will receive a personal email confirmation from me within 2 business days. Generally, I can get your reading done within 3 days, but please allow a wait time of up to 7 business days after order is placed for the next step.

3) Receive Email to Make Call Appointment

I will email you to schedule a call after the reading is completed. Please allocate 60-75 minutes for the call. Have a pen and piece of paper ready.

5) Receive MP3 Recording and Clearing Meditation Homework

Receive complimentary MP3 recording and 21-day clearing via email for you to act on.

Thank you Kristine! 

...for your wisdom and guidance on my life path. I’m a week in from our work together on the Life Purpose Soul Profile and so grateful for this knowledge and how it’s evolving in my life. It felt like wisdom I somehow already knew at my core and is such a gift have been validated and put into words.

I feel a new inspiration to commit to the actions I’ve been called to take for a while now, yet with a much deeper sense of purpose. At the same time I have a new comfort being exactly who I am with the added affirmation that it’s incredibly important for me to bring that authentic presence out into the world.

Kristine has a deep intuitive and intellectual grasp on this complex information and is able to deliver this soul level consciousness with her unique brand of valuable insight and grace. If you’re drawn to Akashic Records work or to have a new perspective on your life’s purpose, please gift yourself with Kristine’s beautiful support and wise, joy filled guidance!

~ Melanie McCloskey, Life and Soloprenuer coach, Reiki Master and dōTERRA Silver Wellness Advocate

Follow your heart...It knows the way