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Journey with Geranium to Deepen Love & Truth

What would you life be like if you truly loved and trusted yourself, life and others?

Geranium Essential Oil

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To live from your wisdom and knowing you need to love and trust yourself enough to confidently look within for, and follow, your inner guidance. That's a tall order for many because most of us are taught to doubt ourselves and trust other's "expertise" about what to do and what to choose. There is fo course a place for expert guidance, but to get the best results--for you--you need to love yourself enough to choose in your best interest and trusted yourself enough to make those choices? 

Geranium can help you do that! It is a wonderful oil to follow our Frankincense Journey because in order to live from your Light and Truth, you need to deeply love and trust yourself. Geranium also supports you in transitioning to a life that is grounded in knowing and wisdom.

As you do this, you learn how to better trust life and others in a way that is beneficial for you!

Essential Oil Journeys are part meditation, part plant spirit medicine with a little shamanic journey flavor. Journeys help you go deep with an oil and also deep within yourself to reveal a new level of your own truth.  Following along with our monthly journeys can help you unlock possibilities in you and your life that you can't yet imagine!

Join the Journey group using the link below and look under "Units" to find all the journeys. 

Geranium: The Oil of Love & Trust

On a physical level, Geranium has been used since Egyptian ages for skin and hair beautification, but it has so much more to offer as well! It shares much of the same oil chemistry as the prized (and super expensive!) Rose essential oil, and also shares Rose's quality of supporting calm, peace and deep relaxation.

Geranium also contains the chemical property citronellol, found in citronella oil, and so helps repel bugs as well as helps to soothe any bug bites you may get. See the links to the right to find out more!

The magic of Geranium goes much deeper, however...

t’s called the Oil of Love and trust because when you work with it intentionally, as we do in our journeys, it helps to release blocks to self-love and self-trust, which are the foundation of living from your inner wisdom, knowing and guidance. Geranium also helps you transition to a wisdom-led life, so you can live from your inner light and your highest, deepest truth.

Three Ways to Work with Essential Oils

Using: You use an oil when you have a physical or emotional need that an oil can help change or alleviate, like when you smell Geranium for relaxation or apply to your skin for its beautifying effects.

Partnering: Partnering with Geranium means using it daily with a consistent intention, asking and inviting it to awaken you to a deeper experience of self-love and self-trust. Partnering with an oil develops your relationship with the oil, expands your experience and intuition about when and how to use an essential oil, and helps to cultivate the one or more of the gifts of that oil into your deeper experience.

Co-Evolving: For those who are open to a magical journey, co-evolving with an oil like Geranium means inviting it to take the lead in what it awakens with you. You, in turn, help Geranium work its magic in the world by bringing to awareness and action what it inspires in you. Co-evolving is an adventure that is unique to each person, and when we do this as a group, we all receive a piece of the magical puzzle to share.

Most of the benefits & qualities written about essential oils are based on people’s experience of using and partnering with an oil.

In my experience, oils have much more to offer—if you are open to receiving. Are you?

Awaken to Your Wisdom with Geranium

Whether you want to better learn how to use Geranium, expand your intuitive connection with it, partner with it to dive deeper into self love and trust, or adventure into co-evolution, our four-week exploration of Geranium can help you do that!

This FREE 4-Week Geranium Journey Starts Wednesday, March 6th

Over our four-weeks, you’ll

  • Increase the effectiveness of Geranium on the physical level
  • Expand your intuitive use of Geranium
  • Partner & Co-evolve with Geranium to awaken your deeper inner truth
  • plus
    Have access to downloadable meditations to enhance and deepen your connection
  • plus
    Have optional journal prompts that can take you even deeper

The skills and insights you awaken on your Geranium journey can expand your experience of self-love and self-trust so you live from your inner wisdom & knowing your whole life long.

Don’t Have dōTERRA’s Geranium Essential Oil?

If you don’t have your own account or connection, you can order direct from the company through me below. By using the link and/or being sure that Distributor # 2432684 is listed as your Distributor, you’ll get bonuses from me, including a Wellness Consultation to help you learn how to use essential oils for your goals and challenges.

CAUTIONARY NOTE: When you buy through a third party like Amazon or Etsy, unscrupulous people can fill an empty oil bottle with pretty much anything, recap it (those little caps cost just $.25) and sell it as new. It happens, sadly. Be sure you get what you are paying for by ordering direct—you’ll even get the option of buying wholesale! If you have questions about the course, ordering or how to buy your oils below wholesale, contact me before ordering HERE

Follow your heart...It knows the way

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