Freedom & Joy Are an Inside Job

Everyone's flavor of freedom and joy are unique. What they all have in common are the "ahhh" factor of living your deepest truth and trusting that your deep self has the wisdom you seek over the "experts" and "thought leaders" that dominate the airwaves. 

For me, the "ahhh" factor is total alignment and harmony with my inner divine/inner wisdom, and enjoying the unfolding adventure of surrender--wherever it leads (and it's led to some pretty amazing places)!

Whatever the flavor of YOUR unique "ahhh" factor, it comes from tapping into YOUR wisdom & living YOUR truth. But how do you do that in a world where we are bombarded by endless sound-bytes telling you who you are supposed to be?

That question set me on a "Faithcation" 

In my upcoming book Faithcation: An Adventure in Trust, I share what I learned with you!

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If you're intrigued by the adventure of living YOUR wisdom & truth, you'll LOVE Faithcation: An Adventure in Trust ~ which is my adventure of learning to trust Unity Consciousness while traveling solo through China, Russia & the Baltics during the collapse of the Soviet Union. 

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A Little About Me

My name is Kristine Madera, and when I was seven years old I had a crisis of faith that led to a profound experience of unity consciousness. That experience became the organizing principle of my life, and all I have done and explored has been to understand and connect more deeply with this this consciousness. 

I've has explored via work as a clinical hypnotherapist/hypno-coach, soul-centered business coach, wellness coach, yoga and meditation instructor, speaker and author. I'm a bestselling author of How to Meditate with Your Dog: An Introduction to Meditation for Dog Lovers,  and also turned an extended trip to India that included volunteering at Mother Teresa’s Home for the Dying in Calcutta into the novel God in Drag.

I am currently writing Faithcation: An Adventure in Trust, which documents my solo trip through China, Russia and the Baltics during the collapse of the Soviet Union that I took to more deeply trust unity consciousness as an operating principle, and myself to follow it. Included in the book are guided meditations to help you trust yourself and your connection with divine consciousness and to live from that connection in all areas of your life. When you pre-order at any level, you join the Pre-Order Club, which gives you early access to these meditations, book excerpts, online webinars/classes and more! 

In addition to writing, I day trade the stock market for spiritual practice and to support my writing habit.

Follow your heart...It knows the way