Get Your Own Essential Oil Cards!

Why Essential Oils Cards? 

Which essential oil do YOU need today? These dōTERRA specific cards can help you figure that out! You can use them to learn properties of oils that you can't find in a "How to Use Oils" book, to tap into the energetic properties of each oil/ blend, and to  benefit from the deeper energies and benefits of each oil.

However you use them, these cards are a perfect addition to any essential oil lover's collection!

These beautiful cards by Veronica Torres decodes the unique energetic signature and healing properties of each oil and blend. You can use this deck to choose the oils/blends that best support your emotional and spiritual well-being. 

How to Get YOUR Cards!

The Primary 96-card deck covers all the oils and blends through Father's Day 2018

Get the Primary Deck Here

The Additional 2018 Oils/Blends 16-card mini-deck has the 2018 Convention oils: Magnolia, Yarrow / POM, Clementine, Pink Pepper, Green Mandarin, Lemon Myrtle, Turmeric, Captivating Blend, KID'S COLLECTION OILS: Soothe, Focus, Protect, Strong, Courage, and Ground, and the special offer oils: Manuka & Litsea

Get the 2018 Additional Cards Here

Follow your heart...It knows the way