Heart Circle Meditation

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Reclaim YOU with the Heart Circle Meditation

The Heart Circle Meditation trains your body and brain to return to the natural, optimal flow of information in the body ~ from heart to brain rather than brain to heart. We are trained from birth to stifle this innate flow of wisdom and rule our body and heart from the head. This creates a huge amount of stress--no matter how well meaning your thoughts. Shifting these entrenched patterns in the brain and nervous system and open you up to greater relaxation, expanded consciousness and helps return the learned you to the wise YOU.

Knowing about how the Heart Circle Meditation works doesn’t make the shift for you. Patterns in the brain and body have been there a long time and been re-enforced for years. Regular (daily) practice either using the meditation or on your own is the best way to shift old patterns. Listen only when you can close your eyes and relax, never while driving or doing something that requires your full attention. Enjoy!

START by listening to or downloading the audio below at least once:

Listen or download here

THEN Download and listen to the meditation below daily or as often as you can.

Listen or download here

Follow your heart...It knows the way