Bergamot for Authentic Self-Acceptance

Bergamot for Self-Acceptance

Authenticity ​​​​​​​​​​Requires Emotional ​Maturity

Living and speaking your authentic truth brings up a lot of emotions reaction, and managing those reactions without getting carried away by them or cutting them down is critical to authenticity. Being able to experience an emotional reaction while staying connected with, and expressing yourself from, your authentic truth is the practice true authenticity.

Self-acceptance is key to that process

​Essential oils are amazingly helpful in helping to cultivate the emotions vital to being your most authentic self. Bergamot oil one of my favorites—it’s the essential oil for authentic self-acceptance.

Bergamot is a citrus fruit from a species of bitter orange tree. It is the oil that gives Earl Gray tea its distinctive taste. On a physical level, Bergamot harmonizes Chi, the vital energy in the Traditional Chinese Medicine system. It helps to release and circulate stagnant chi, which means it dissolves physical, mental and emotional blocks that interfere with experiencing and expressing your authentic self.

It is particularly good at releasing stuck, stored anger, which, along with the frustration that comes with unexpressed emotions, blocks the free flow of energy and authenticity in the physical and emotional body.

Bergamot helps to release emotional pain like despair, self judgment, low self-esteem and fear of the future while stimulating positive emotions like self-acceptance, letting go of the need to control and going with the flow. It also help you move beyond the toxic emotional habit of taking things personally and releases you from the emotional need for approval by others. Because it lets go of the negative while opening you to the positive it is very helpful in balancing mood swings.

Bergamot’s ability to help clear & transform limiting beliefs makes it the perfect essential oil for authentic self-acceptance because you can use it in a targeted, intentional way to shift from a limiting belief to a more beneficial belief & emotion.

How to Use Bergamot Essential Oil for Authentic Self-Acceptance

Here are five ways to use Bergamot Essential Oil for Authentic Self-Acceptance:

Transforming Limiting Beliefs & Emotions: When you identify a limiting belief, or a painful emotion comes up that reflects despair, self judgment, low self-esteem, fear of the future, etc., grab your Bergamot, put a drop or two in your hand, rub your palms together, hold your hands around your nose and inhale deeply several times. As you do this, invite the belief or emotion to soften. Keep doing this until you feel calmer and the energy of the belief or emotion has shifted.

Give yourself a minute or two to integrate the new state before moving on to this next step.

Once you feel calm and integrated, then choose the belief that you would like to have in place of the limiting one, or choose the emotion or feeling you would like to have (or a combination of the two.) Practice the feeling of what the new belief or emotion would feel like (or what you imagine it would feel like) and put a few more drops in your palms, rub them together and smell the oil as you practice the feeling you want to install in place of the one that just shifted out.

Shift Stored Anger: Stifled anger and rage gets stored in the body and arise anew in situations that are similar to the ones that caused you to originally stifle it. One way to release anger stored anger and rage is to use Bergamot on acupuncture Liver points 1, 2 & 3. Start with a drop or two of Bergamot on Liver point 3 (see picture) and draw the oil toward point 2 and then point 1 holding the intention of drawing the stored anger out of the body through the big toe point. And then breathe in the oil aroma and practice the emotion you want to replace the anger with!

Increase Self-Love & Self-Acceptance: Rub a few drops of Bergamot essential oil on your solar plexus area (belly just below the sternum) while you imagine how it would feel to truly love and accept yourself. You can also use the oil on this area when you need to shift beliefs and emotions that block self-love and self-acceptance—when you do this, use it in conjunction with the “Transforming Limiting Beliefs & Emotions” technique.

Open Your Heart, Heal a Broken Heart & Radiate Love: Bergamot is wonderful at helping you open your heart to life and love especially after a loss or heartbreak. Rub directly over the heart area to help you open your heart in a safe way. Practice the feeling of love as you do this to expand and radiate love into your body, life & the world. If you are grieving a loss, or have stored grief to release, put a drop of Bergamot on each of your Lung 1 points, in the fleshy area beneath where the collarbone and shoulders meet, to help release it in a gentle way.

Cultivate a Joyful Connection to the Earth & to Life: Put a few drops of Bergamot on the bottoms of your feet and rub them together and imagine standing barefoot on the beach, on the forest floor or whatever natural scene resonates with you. Imagine roots from the Earth growing upward into your feet, connecting with you and grounding you into your life and into the earth. Your connection with Earth can reflect your connection to all of life, and this practice can help you expand the joyful experience of your whole life as it grounds you into the physical world.

Bonus Use! There are so many uses, that five seems too few. So here is one more: Use Bergamot to shift stuck physical energy—you know those aches and pains that come and go—or sometimes come and stay? There is often an aspect of stuck physical or emotional energy associated with those pains. When I get them, I rub the area with Bergamot oil and most of the time it shifts some or sometimes all of the ache or pain away!

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