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Geranium Essential Oil Love Trust

Geranium: Deepen Love & Trust of Self & Others

Journey with Geranium to Deepen Love & TruthWhat would you life be like if you truly loved and trusted yourself, life and others?Like this card? Get yours Here!To live from your wisdom and knowing you need to love and trust yourself enough to confidently look within for, and follow, your inner guidance. That’s a tall […]

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Frankincense: Live Your Truth

Journey with Frankincense to Live Your TruthHow would your life be different if you were tapped into your deep wisdom  and lived from your truth?Let’s get real, as they say. But what is really real? That’s the question that Frankincense helps answer—when you work with it at a deeper level, like our free 4-part Essential […]

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Bergamot for Authentic Self-Acceptance

Bergamot for Self-Acceptance ​Authenticity ​​​​​​​​​​Requires Emotional ​Maturity  Living and speaking your authentic truth brings up a lot of emotions reaction, and managing those reactions without getting carried away by them or cutting them down is critical to authenticity. Being able to experience an emotional reaction while staying connected with, and expressing yourself from, your authentic […]

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