The Inspiration Blueprint

Spiritual Journey

The Secret You Already Know to Getting What You Really Want

Do you remember learning how to walk? I don’t either. But the inner drive that pushed you from sitting to standing to walking to running is the same self-directed growth that propels you toward spirituality2-340x227 the grand vision you have for your life. This inner drive is inspiration.

Inspiration may seem random, but it’s really your best self motivating you to reach for something greater. Just like the natural pattern of expansion from sitting to standing to walking to running there is a reliable pattern within inspiration that, once you learn it, you can use to consciously to grow yourself into the person you most want to be, to build the business or career or retirement that you desire, to create the relationships that nurture and support you, and to manifest the life and the lifestyle of your dreams.

I call this intentional creation the Inspiration Blueprint

The Inspiration Blueprint is part of the same built-in pattern for success you used to learn to walk. For most people the Inspiration Blueprint remains outside of awareness, which means that the big snag in the inspiration process can easily derail their success. When you learn how to use the Inspiration Blueprint consciously, it will become the secret to creating what you really want, every single time.

Step 1: Inspiration

You have two basic kinds of inspiration, your guiding inspiration for your big dream, and the bursts of inspiration that lead to that larger vision. I say vision, but your guiding

When you can detach in a healthy way it leads to Emotional Intelligence and a fun and satisfying life

When you can detach in a healthy way it leads to Emotional Intelligence and a fun and satisfying life

inspiration is really how you want you life to feel, along with the pictures that represent that feeling to you. Focusing on the feeling is the key. The pictures and situations in your vision will change as you grow and change; it’s the feeling that is calling you forward.

My big dream is to be a writer and a speaker who talks about the deep inner journey that we all go through in this life, whether by intention or by default. To me that life feels like I am streaming my true self and forging a path to the powerful spiritual growth that I love expanding into. After I moved from Maui to Asheville, I followed a burst of inspiration to become a hypnotherapist because I enjoyed and was very good at seeing the limiting patterns in people and helping them shift them into a more supportive pattern, and it expanded me toward by big dream of being a speaker and writer. It was very empowering bit over time, I knew I needed to step into the next level. The inspiration to get me to that level was to become a coach of some sort. I had no idea what that might look like, but I knew how to use the Inspiration Blueprint, and so I followed inspirational breadcrumb after inspirational breadcrumb toward that vision.

One burst of inspiration I had along the way was to volunteer at an event booth for a group that I was marginally affiliated with. Normally, I would have passed—it was a busy Saturday, I had a lot of other things to do, but it was clearly inspiration so I followed it and signed up. At the event I met Ben, a marketing and branding expert who taught me how to start my coaching practice.

Step #2 Opportunity

Inspiration rarely leads directly to manifestation. Usually it brings an opportunity for you to choose to step toward your inspiration or to stay in the comfort zone of where you are. It’s easy to dismiss opportunity, like me not wanting to take the time to go to the event where I met Ben. Like

the breadcrumbs of inspiration, opportunities build on one another. The opportunity of meeting Ben was just the beginning. During our conversation that day about marketing and branding and I had another inspiration to ask him if he would be my coach. Long story short, he agreed and my coaching career was born.

I kept my new venture quiet for a while. It was a really big shift, and each inspiration that I followed in getting clear on what I was doing and putting my new business together brought a new round of stomach clenching, chest seizing fear: fear of stepping into something that felt really powerful; fear of creating something so new for me; fear of streaming my true self and pursuing powerful spiritual growth on a much bigger stage.

Eventually, I took a big leap of faith and set up a soul-centered business workshop as an avenue to fill my practice. I declared this new path to my colleagues and friends and kept my stomach flip-flops in check as I watched the jaws drop. It’s not been all rainbows and butterflies since then, but I’ve continued to follow the Inspiration Blueprint and my business has grown faster and bigger than my hypnosis business ever had.

Step #3 Leap of Faith

The path of inspiration never assures success before you act—no matter how much you prepare for a decisive action. That’s just not how our inner drive to expand works. The energy

you generate when you take a leap of faith is a necessary part of the process. It propels you forward to your goal, but to get that momentum you have to take that leap.

I know you know that feeling—the blood-buzzing exuberance of trusting yourself and the Universe and coming out ahead. Looking back on your life, where have you gone through this blueprint and succeeded? Go ahead, remember, smile, pat yourself on the back. Sailing through to the lead of faith to success is one of the great joys and triumphs of life.

If It Was That Easy, We’d All Have Everything We Want

It’s fun to bask in the glow of a successes path through the Inspiration Blueprint. It’s what all great success stories are made of. But remember that snag I mentioned that can derail success when you follow this pattern unconsciously? It’s actually a two-part snag, and those snags are so powerful that they can stop you even when you know how the blueprint works.

Snag #1 Opportunity Requires Risk

Opportunity always include taking an emotional risk. They often dredge up your deepest fears and the learned boundaries around your emotional comfort zone. There are often other risks as well—financial, relationship, career, reputation and many others. These risks also toss you into emotional quicksand—your connection to money, people, your view of yourself and so on. The fears that accompany risk brings us to our next snag…

Snag #2 Risk Always Brings Resistance

Resistance arises from fear, and it comes in infinite flavors—sensations like stomach flip-flops, runaway emotions and feelings, mind chatter, denial, distraction, fatigue, feeling stuck, anger, resentment, physical illness and many more. Resistance can be paralyzing, especially is you are taking a large emotional risk.

Resistance Isn’t Personal

Fundamentally, resistance isn’t personal, even though it can feel intensely personal. Resistance is an integral part of the Inspiration Blueprint. In fact, resistance is your friend. Resistance is the push back that comes when you stray from the safety of your emotional comfort zone and venture into the emotional unknown. Resistance reveals your hidden boundaries. It shows up each time you expand beyond the limitations you’ve lived under. Just like a leap of faith propels you forward toward your goal, each time you release (rather than defeat, ignore, push past or overcome) resistance, the emotional space you create allows you to expand into even greater possibility.

Releasing Resistance

The short version of how release resistance is to allow yourself to:

  • Fully feel and experience the resistance without trying to shift it or diffuse it, and also without feeding it with the stories of all the ways you have experienced that emotional reaction before.
  • As you experience the resistance, it often intensifies at first and then fades away to a quiet calm.
  • Once the experience of resistance fades to this calm it is gone forever and the space it leaves in its wake gives you the clarity and calm you need to move forward from your best self.
  • Resistance can come in layers, so if a new experience of resistance rises then go through the same step s again (and again and again if need be, layers of resistance can run deep) until you come deeply into calm.

For a more comprehensive explanation of how to release resistance, click here and use the tools and guided experience. It’s simple and it’s well worth the effort to learn this key skill. Once you get comfortable with the discomfort of resistance and learn how to easily shift it, you’ve conquered big snag in the Inspiration Blueprint. Which means you can follow this blueprint to success in all areas of your life, every single time.

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