Self Love

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​Reconnect with Your Essence...

The original trauma as human beings is the experience of being separated from our essence—the spiritual core that connects us to one another, to the world, to the Divine and the entire universe.

It often happens before we’re even born when we take on as our own the separation, fears, anxieties and so on of our mother. This separation gets reinforced each time something confusing or painful happens—a tired mother averts her eyes from her newborn, we are left alone to cry to exhaustion, we feel ostracized from a peer or family group.  

It happens so early and so often that the experience of being disconnected from our essence, from life, from others, from Source, is hardwired into the brain and nervous system and becomes the foundation of our lives.

The result is that when we can’t find acceptance, love, wisdom and so on within us, we look for it outside of us—in approval from people who want you to be what is acceptable or convenient for them; in goals that reflect societies values and not your own; in products and substances that distract for a time from the intense pain of being disconnected from our innate truth.

Self-love is a path of re-connection to your essence

It is the journey of getting to know yourself, love and accept yourself, express your deep truth and own your deepest desires. 

When you do this, you fill the void created by the feeling of separation, and the abundance overflow into the world, nourishing a world starved for the connection of self-love. 

I’ve organized self-love into categories to make it easier to navigate.

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