Self Care

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​Love Thyself

“When the well is dry, we know the worth of water.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

In the realm of self-love, self-care is often the last consideration. It is what we turn to in desperation, when our inner well is running dry and we no longer have the energy or stamina to pursue self-expression, self-empowerment, self-actualization or self-evolution.

When we pursue the other aspects of self-love without a solid practice of self-care, they are depleting rather than nourishing. As important as they are to a full life, they gradually empty the well with the foundation of self-care.

Self-care is more than nurturing the physical needs of body and mind.

​The essence of self-care is coming home to yourself.

​Self-care is showing up for yourself and to yourself as your primary orientation.

​When you need to make a decision, you come home to yourself to do that rather than looking outside yourself for answers or direction. When considering a new activity, it’s not about whether it fits into your schedule, but whether it nourishes your foundation.

This, of course, includes what we ordinarily think of as self-care—good nutrition, rejuvenating rest and recreation, stress management, healthy exercise, activities that nourish your inner life and spiritual needs, and so on. But you can do all of these things in a state of distraction or you can do them mindfully and in a way that brings you home to yourself.

​Showing up to yourself this way looks different for everyone.

 We each have a unique connection point that can unite mind, body & spirit, ignite our inner power and help us experience ever-deepening self-love. And yet, most of us avoid it, because we intuitively know its power. Chances are you have a love-hate relationship with your connection point, and that you avoid it with just a tiny bit more intensity than your fierce longing for it.

For one friend (and, said friend, if you are reading this you know exactly who you are) it is about sitting in front of her notebook or computer each day and writing from the heart. For another it is mindfully showing up to the physical practice of working with her personal trainer at the gym.

For me, it is about the dreaded yoga mat. I’ve taught yoga for years, and teaching is easy. Doing the physical activity of yoga along with a video, or when multi-talking like “doing” yoga while watching a nature documentary, is no problem. The “union” of body/mind/spirit is a joyful daily practice for me. It is combining the focused physical activity of yoga with the union of mind/body/spirit in my own private self-practice that is one of my greatest struggles. And yet, when I do it, life becomes magical.

Everything calms down and life comes into flow—and I flow along with it. ​more easily let go of control because I am tapped into connection.

​I am showing up to myself and my deep self is organizing synchronicities in ways my surface self never could. And yet I still have a hard time showing up to my yoga mat daily.  

When you truly nourish your body, mind & spirit, and start showing up to yourself in a consistent way, something truly extraordinary happens. The intentions you’ve set, the goals you have been struggling to achieve, the mindset and emotional shifts you’ve been trying to integrate begin to spontaneously materialize—as if by magic.

The magic isn’t that the Universe all of a sudden sends you what you want, as if you have passed some great cosmic test.

​The magic is that you show up to yourself in a way that allows you to receive and integrate all that you have set into motion. When you show up for yourself, life shows up for you.

Most people who get this far into this page or this site have been setting intentions and working hard to bring them into being for years, often in fits and starts or with less than ideal results.

​If this is you, the problem likely isn’t that you have set an inaccurate course or that you need to do one more clearing or intention ceremony to get the energy just right. Your course is set—and you can always course correct as you go.

​But change is energy intensive and demands resiliency. Permanent change, like orienting to self-love, requires a surplus of physical, emotional and mental resources to develop and maintain, 

If you are not getting the results you think you should, ​the problem may be that your ship (your body & being) isn’t adequately primed for the journey you want to take, and doesn’t have the ongoing flow of resources it will need to get you where you want to go.

This level of focused self-care is where the journey to your dreams and intentions breaks down for many people—and for the majority of people who find me.

If this rings true for you, let’s talk.

Along with essential oil, there are lot of tools in my toolbox. I can work with you to assess your personal goals and challenges, help you set up a daily self-care protocol and practice that supports these goals, and provide ongoing support and education to help you in your self-care & self-love journey.

Set up a conversation here. Or if there are no times available that work for you, contact me here to suggest times that do and we’ll find one that works!