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An Accidental Revolutionary

“The highest spiritual path is life itself.”  ~Michael A. Singer

When you choose to evolve the full abilities of your modern complex brain, and align it with your wise heart, you become a catalyst for global revolution—not the kind of revolution that uses guns and force, but the unstoppable momentum of truth over deception.
Kristine Madera CoachYikes! That’s what I thought when that awareness sprang full form into my consciousness…well, full form after twenty years of meditation and over thirty years of working on brain-heart alignment.
I had my first inkling of this as a kid, maybe 7 or 8, when I stood in the backyard and asked what I was supposed to do with my life. I had an instant awareness that my mission was to live in alignment with the Divine, and that if I did that then magical things would happen. It made perfect sense at the time. I had no idea what it really meant or how to fulfill this mission, and I dedicated my life to figuring this out.
In the Human Design Personality Profile, I’m what’s called a Martyr/Heretic (yeah, I cringed, too!) The Martyr means that I experiment with my life to see what works, and especially what works for me. My years of exploration have made me a world traveler, a bestselling author, a hypnotherapist and Authenticity Coach and have finally coalesced in becoming a Sacred Activist, a Trainer of Sacred Activism and a revolutionary.

It has greatly helped that science has finally shown what my self-experimentation revealed to me over the years. The heart generates the largest electromagnetic field in the body and the amplitude of this field is 60 times more powerful than your brain’s. This also means that your heart is also your body’s most powerful vibrator or oscillator—it sets the dominant rhythm for your body and being.
When you bring your body, including the brain, into alignment with your heart vibration, your body comes into a state of what I call Harmony. Harmony is where your body is so efficient that you can actually regenerate the resources it uses, minimizing the effects of stress, oxidation, aging, and so on. When you are out of alignment—most specifically when you are in emotional conflict or your brain is trying to rule over the heart—you come into a state of inefficiency, inner conflict and competition for body resources that slowly depletes you over time (as in chronic illness, burnout, etc.)
When you know how the flow of energy in your body works, and you master the art of aligning your system with your divinely-aligned heart, magical things do happen, just as I was promised as a child.
The first level practice is to activate your Sacred Self. This personal self-evolution helps you reduce inner conflict, let go of limiting patterns, improve your health and step into your true purpose.
The next step is to activate the Sacred Sage. This helps you stay grounded in your Sacred Self in relationships and in your interactions, even the most challenging ones. You discover how to unite your true purpose with your powerful heart energy so that your personal life becomes an extension of your purpose. Life satisfactions skyrockets People see you step into your true power inspires them to step into their own. You become an accidental revolutionary.
When you choose the path of the Sacred Activist, there is nothing accidental about it. At this level, you unite your true purpose and passion with your heart’s vibration so powerfully that your purpose and passion become the center point of a movement. When you can hold this level of vibration, it attracts people who want to lend their energy to your vision. This may be a community vision like transforming urban wasteland into greenspace and urban gardens. Or it might be a movement that transforms the world.
As this training becomes available, I’ll roll it out on this site. The people who will find out about it first are those who’ve joined the initial conversation I started with the Transcend the Chaos So You Can Transform Yourself & the World Speaker Series. No matter where you see yourself on the Sacred Activism spectrum, it all starts with calming the inner chaos so that you can hear your quiet heart beneath the noise of your life and your brain. This series connects you with great speakers and programs to help you cultivate the calm so that when I roll out the trainings, you’ll speed through them much more quickly.
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“Kristine is amazing! She excels at helping you get out of your own way so you can achieve all your dreams!” ~E.S.